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A History Of The Gold Coast Of West Africa :-
by A Ellis

A Political History Of Ghana :- The Rise Of Gold Coast Nationalism, 1850-1928
by David Kimble

Account Of The Gold Coast Of Africa :-
by Henry Meredith

Adventures Of An African Slaver :- An Account Of The Life Of Captain Theodore Canot, Trader In Gold, Ivory & Slaves On The Coast Of Guinea
by Thaeophile Conneau

African Eldorado :- Gold Coast To Ghana
by John Carmichael

African Gold Ornament Designs :-
by Diane Horn

Ancient Ghana :- The Land Of Gold
by Philip Koslow

Asante :- The Gold Coast
by Philip Koslow

Black Gold :- The Mozambican Miner, Proletarian & Peasant
by Ruth First

Chinese Mine Labour In The Transvaal :-
by Peter Richardson

Cities Of Gold, Townships Of Coal :- Essays On South Africa's New Urban Crisis
by Patrick Bond

Class, Race & Gold :- A Study Of Class Relations & Racial Discrimination In South Africa
by Frederick Johnstone

Crossing Boundaries :- Mine Migrancy In A Democratic South Africa

Diamonds & Gold In South Africa :-
by Theodore Reunert

East Of Mina :- Afro-European Relations On The Gold Coast In The 1550s & 1560s
by A Mota

East Rand, Industrial Hub Of South Africa :-

Final Report Of The Buckinghamshire :- Gold Expedition To Kenya, 1977-8

Footprints In The Wilderness :- A History Of The Lost Rhoades Mines
by Gale Rhoades

Going For Gold :- Men, Mines & Migration
by T Moodie

Gold & Diamonds :- South African Facts & Inferences
by William Penning

Gold & Empire :- The Bank Of England & South Africa's Gold Producers, 1886-1926
by Russell Ally

Gold & Workers :- A Peoples History Of South Africa
by Luli Callinicos

Gold & Workers 1886-1924 :-
by Callinicos Luli

Gold Crises In Uganda :-
by Akena Adoko

Gold Distribution In Archaean Granitoids :- & Supracrustal Rocks From Southern Africa - A Comparison
by Rudolf Saager

Gold In The Furnace :- South Africa On Trial
by George Smock

Gold Mines Of Southern Africa :- The History Technology & Statistics Of The Gold Industry
by Owen Letcher

Gold Of Africa :- Jewellery & Ornaments From Ghana, Cote D Ivoire, Mali & Senegal In The Collection Of The Barbier-Mueller Museum
by Timothy Garrard

Gold Resources Of Africa :-
by Edward Elevatorski

Gold Their Touchstone :- Gold Fields Of South Africa, 1887-1987 - A Century Story
by Roy Macnab

Gold Under Their Hooves :- A History Of The Johannesburg Turf Club, 1887-1987
by John Collings

In The Realms Of Gold :- Pioneering In African History
by Roland Oliver

Just Johannesburg :- 101 Ways To Enjoy Yourself In The City Of Gold
by Elisabeth Johnson

Labour In The South African Gold Mines :- 1911-1969
by Francis Wilson

Labour, Townships & Protest :- Studies In The Social History Of The Witwatersrand

Metamorphism Of Shales :- In The Witwatersrand Goldfields
by G Phillips

Militants Or Proletarians? :- The Economic Culture Of Underground Gold Miners In Southern Ghana, 1906-1976
by Don Robotham

Mother Is Gold :- A Study In West African Literature
by Adrian Roscoe

New & Accurate Description Of The Coast Of Guinea :- Divided Into The Gold, The Slave & The Ivory Coasts
by William Bosman

Operating Gold Mines :- & Gold Recovery Plants In The Republic Of South Africa

Our Precious Metal :- African Labour In South Africa's Gold Industry, 1970-1990
by Wilmot James

Pb & Sr Isotopic Characteristics :- Of Proterozoic Pb-Zn & Au Deposits, Transvaal Sequence, South Africa - Suggestions For Their Source Areas & Genesis
by M Duane

Randfontein Estates :- The First Hundred Years
by Anthony Hocking

Red Gold Of Africa :- Copper In Precolonial History & Culture
by Eugenia Herbert

Restless City & Christmas Gold :- With Other Stories
by Cyprian Ekwensi

Seismic Energy Released :- By The Deep Mining Operations In The Transvaal & Orange Free State During 1971
by L Fernandez

South Africa's Impact :- On Britain's Return To Gold, 1925
by Bruce Dalgaard

South Africa's Labor Empire :- A History Of Black Migrancy To The Gold Mines
by Jonathan Crush

Studies In Finance & Development :- The Gold Coast (Ghana) Experience, 1914-1950
by N Cox-George

The Case Of The Ashanti Gold :-
by Clifford Mason

The Emergence Of Modern South Africa :-
by David Yudelman

The Fall Of The Asante Empire :- The Hundred-Year War For Africa's Gold Coast
by Robert Edgerton

The Gold Coast Book :- An Illustrated History
by John Vader

The Gold Diggers :-
by Kwasi Koranteng

The Golden Contradiction :- A Marxist Theory Of Gold - With Particular Reference To South Africa

The Peoples Of The Middle Niger :- The Island Of Gold
by Roderick McIntosh

The Proterozoic Kimberley Reef Placer :- In The Evander Goldfield, Witwatersrand, South Africa
by Wolfgang Hirdes

The Story Of An African Working Class :- Ghanaian Miners' Struggles, 1870-1980
by Jeff Crisp

The Ventilation Of South African Gold Mines :-

The Water Requirements :- & Pollution Potential Of South African Gold & Uranium Mines
by J Funke

The White Death :- Silicosis On The Witwatersrand Gold Mines 1886-1910
by Elaine Katz

Through Matabeleland :- The Record Of A Ten Months' Trip In An Ox-waggon Through Mashonaland & Matabeleland
by Joseph Wood

Towards A Deracialised Labour Force :- Industrial Relations & The Abolition Of The Job Colour Bar On The South African Gold Mines
by J Lever

Trade & Politics On The Gold Coast :- 1600-1720 - A Study Of The African Reaction To European Trade
by K Daaku

Voyage To Guinea Brasil :- & The West Indies With Remarks On The Gold Ivory & Slave Trade
by John Atkins

West Africa :- Quest For God & Gold, 1454-1578
by John Blake

White Gold :- The Story Of African Ivory
by Derek Wilson

Witwatersrand Gold :- 100 Years - A Review Of The Discovery & Development Of The Witwatersrand Goldfield As Seen From The Geological Viewpoint


Asian Loot :- Unearthing The Secrets Of Marcos, Yamashita & The Gold
by Charles McDougald

City Of Gold :- The Biography Of Bombay
by Gillian Tindall

Small Finds :- Ancient Javanese Gold
by John Miksic

The Ants' Gold :- The Discovery Of The Greek El Dorado In The Himalayas
by Michel Peissel

The Buddha, The Gold & The Myth :- How Marcos Looted The Central Bank
by Charles McDougald

Tracing Marcos' Gold :-
by D Umali

Voyage To Cathay, Tartary :- & The Gold & Silver-Rich Islands East Of Japan, 1643
by Cornelis Coen


Chinese In The Mother Lode :- 1850-1870
by Pauline Minke

Chung The China Gold & Me :-
by Eleanor Phillips

Gold Mountain :- The Chinese In The New World
by Anthony Chan

Green Gold :- The Political Economy Of China's Post-1949 Tea Industry
by Dan Etherington

The Chinese Gold Murders :-
by Robert van Gulik

The Currencies Of China :- An Investigation Of Gold & Silver Transactions Affecting China, With A Section On Copper
by Eduard Kann

The Diggers From China :- The Story Of Chinese On The Goldfields
by Jean Gittins

The Gold Industry Of China :-

The New Gold Mountain :- The Success Of Chinese Americans In Greater China & What You Need To Know To Get There!
by Larry Wang


A Garland Of Gold :- The Early Kagyu Masters In India & Tibet
by Jampa Thaye

Labour In India :- Socio-economic Conditions Of Workers In The Kolar Gold Mines
by M Sreenivasan

Silver, Gold & Bronze :- From Mughal India
by Mark Zebrowski


Bright Fine Gold :- Stories Of The New Zealand Goldfields
by William Heinz

Costly Gold :- Clutha Riches & Their Human Toll
by John Murray

Frontier New Zealand :- The Search For Eldorado - 1800-1920
by Duncan Mackay

Gold & Greenstone :-
by Barry Crump

Gold & Silversmithing :- In Nineteenth & Twentieth Century New Zealand
by Winsome Shepherd

Gold Rush :- Tales & Traditions Of The New Zealand Goldfields
by Gordon Ell

Gold Rush Country Of New Zealand :-

Gold Trails Of Otago :- Being A Traveller's Guide To The Gold Fields Of Otago
by June Wood

Gold Trails Of The West Coast :-
by Tony Nolan

Heart Of Gold :- The People & Places Of Otago
by Ian Dougherty

Historic Gold Trails Of Nelson & Marlborough :-
by Tony Nolan

Historic Gold Trails Of The Coromandel :-
by Tony Nolan

New Zealand's Last Gold Rush :-
by William Heinz

Relics Of The Goldfields :- Central Otago
by Tom Field


All That Glitters Is Not Gold :- Balancing Conservation & Development In Venezuela's Frontier Forests
by Marta Miranda

Anatomy Of The Amazon Gold Rush :-
by David Cleary

At The End Of The Rainbow? :- Gold, Land & People In The Brazilian Amazon
by Gordon MacMillan

Chile & Her Argonauts :- In The Gold Rush, 1848-1856
by Steve Giacobbi

Colombian Gold :-
by Jaime Manrique

El Dorado :- The Gold Of Ancient Columbia
by American Federation of Art

Explorations Of The Highlands Of Brazil :- With A Full Account Of The Gold & Diamond Mines
by Richard Burton

Gold & Gods Of Peru :-
by Baumann

Gold Museum, Colombia :-
by Luis-Duque Gomez

Gold Of El Dorado :- From The Exhibition Gold Of El Dorado, The Heritage Of Colombia
by Warwick Bray

Gold Of Eldorado :- The Heritage Of Colombia

Gold Resources Of Latin America :-
by Edward Elevatorski

Inca Gold :-
by Clive Cussler

Lost Realms Of Gold :- South American Myth
by The Editors Of Time-Life Books

Passages Of Gold :- Treasures Of The Caribbean
by Jim Kraus

Power Of The Sun :- The Gold Of Colombia
by Frank Herreman

Red Gold :- The Conquest Of The Brazilian Indians
by John Hemming

Secrets Of El Dorado :- Colombia
by German Arciniegas

The Gold In The River :- A Journey In The Jungles Of Peru
by Anna Asheshov

Travels In The Interior Of Brazil :- Principally Through The Northern Provinces & The Gold & Diamond Districts, During The Years 1836-1841
by George Gardner

White Gold :- The Diary Of A Rubber Cutter In The Amazon 1906-1916
by Ghillean Jungjohann


El Lobo & Spanish Gold :- A Texas Maverick In Mexico
by Carl Ricketts

McAllister & The Spanish Gold :-
by Matt Chisholm

Slavery On The Spanish Frontier :- The Colombian Choco, 1680-1810
by William Frederick

Spanish Gold :-
by J Roberts

Spanish Gold :-
by George Birmingham

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