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A Collector's Guide To Tea Silver :- 1670-1900
by Elizabeth DeCastres

A Connoisseur's Guide To Antique Silver :-
by Ronald Pearsall

A Guide To Collecting Silver :-
by Elizabeth DeCastres

American Souvenir Teaspoon Handbook :-
by Jonathan Caron

An Alphabet Book For Spoon Collectors & Children :- Baby Spoon's New Handle & A Compendium Of Souvenir Spoons
by Jacqueline Pach

An Illustrated Dictionary Of Silverware :-
by Harold Newman

An Introduction To English Silver From 1660 :- Introductions To The Decorative Arts
by Eric Turner

An Introduction To Repairing & Restoring :- Books, Clocks, Furniture, Pottery, Porcelain, Prints, Paintings, Frames, Silver, Pewter, Brass

Antique Silver :-
by Ian Pickford

Antique Silver :- The New Compact Study Guide & Identifier
by Lydia Darbyshire

Antique Silver :- A Guide For Would Be Connoisseurs
by John Luddington

Antique Silver & Silver Collecting :-
by John Culme

Antique Silver Servers :- For The Table
by Seymour Rabinovitch

Antiques & Their Values :- Silver
by Anthony Curtis

Arthur Stone :- Handwrought Silver, 1901-1937
by Elenita Chickering

Badgers Illustrated Catalogue Of Cast Iron Architecture :-
by Daniel Badger

Book Of Old Silver :- English, American & Foreign
by Seymour Wyler

Brass & Brassware :-
by David Eveleigh

Cape Silver & Silversmiths :- The Work Of Silversmiths At The Cape Of Good Hope - From Late 17th To Mid 19th Century, Early Problems, Training, Output, Marking, Quality - With A Definitive List Of Smiths & Their Marks
by Stephan Welz

Caring For Your Cherished Possessions :- The Experts' Guide To Cleaning, Preserving & Protecting Your China, Silver, Furniture, Clothing, Paintings
by Mary Levenstein

Catalog Of Silver, Copper, Pewter :- & Toleware In The Index Of American Design

Christie's Collectibles Small Silver Tableware :- A Connoisseur's Guide
by Stephen Helliwell

Christie's Pictorial History Of English :- & American Silver
by Michael Clayton

Collectible Souvenir Spoons :- Identification & Values
by Wayne Bednersh

Collecting Antique Silver :-
by Judith Banister

Collecting Silver :-
by Elizabeth DeCastres

Collectors Dictionary Of Silver & Gold :- Of Great Britain & North America
by M Clayton

Collectors' Guide To Antique American Silver :-
by Marvin Schwartz

Dictionary Of British Antique Silver :-
by Douglas Ash

Early American Silver :- For The Cautious Collector
by Martha Fales

Encyclopedia Of American Silver Manufacturers :-
by Dorothy Rainwater

Every Woman's Guide :- To China, Glass & Silver
by Arlene Hirst

Figural Napkin Rings :- Collector's Identification & Value Guide
by Lillian Gottschalk

Fostoria Glassware 1887-1982 :- Identification & Values
by Frances Bones

Georg Jensen :- A Tradition Of Splendid Silver
by Janet Drucker

Guinness Book Of Silver :-
by Geoffrey Wills

Handbook Of Ornaments In Color :- One Hundred Color Plates Highlighted With Gold & Silver
by Albert Auguste

How To Climb The Money Tree :- Judas Iscariot's Guide To Collecting Silver
by John Wareham

How To Serve A Proper Victorian Tea :- Using Antique China & Silver To Bring The Past To The Present
by Carole Pichney

Identifying Antique British Silver :-
by T Poole

Irish University Press Series Of British Parliamentary Papers :- Trade & Industry - Silver & Gold Wares

Lyle Antiques & Their Values :- Silver
by Lyle

Lyle Price Guide :- Silver
by Tony Curtis

Mediaeval Drinking Bowls Of Silver :- Found In Sweden
by Statens Historiska Museum

Miller's Collecting Silver :- The Facts At Your Fingertips
by Jill Bace

Miniature Silver Toys :-
by Victor Houart

Money In Your Attic :- How To Turn Your Furniture, Antiques, Silver & Collectibles Into Cash
by Helaine Fendleman

Old Country Silver :- An Account Of English Provincial Silver, With Sections On Ireland, Scotland & Wales
by Margaret Holland

Old Silver :- Imitations - Copies - Fakes
by Ernst-Ludwig Richter

Old Table Silver :-
by Herbert Brunner

Paktong :- The Chinese Alloy In Europe, 1680-1820
by Keith Pinn

Phaidon Guide To Silver :-
by Margaret Holland

Phoenician Bronze & Silver Bowls :- From Cyprus & The Mediterranean
by Glenn Markoe

Portugal's Silver Service :- A Victory Gift To The Duke Of Wellington
by Angela Delaforce

Price Guide To Antique Silver :-
by Peter Waldron

Sheffield Silver 1773-1973 :- An Exhibition To Mark The Bicentenary Of The Sheffield Assay Office
by Marilyn Duerden

Silver & Pewter :- Knopf Collectors Guide To American Antiques
by Donald Fennimore

Silver - An Illustrated Guide To Collecting Silver :-
by Margaret Holland

Silver - History & Design :-
by Philippa Glanville

Silver - Identification & Price Guide :-
by Tony Curtis

Silver Boxes :- The Gift Of Encouragement
by Florence Littauer

Silver Christmas Ornaments :- A Collector's Guide
by Clara Scroggins

Silver Collectors Address Book :-

Silver Departures :- A Collection Of Quotations
by Richard Kehl

Silver Folding Fruit Knives :-
by Bill Karsten

Silver For Collectors :-
by Eleanor Hughes

Silver For Sale :- Christie's In The Thirties
by Arthur Grimwade

Silver In Tudor & Early Stuart England :-
by Philippa Glanville

Silver Of A New Era :- International Highlights Of Precious Metalware From 1880 To 1940
by Joost Willink

Silver Of Tiffany & Co :- 1850-1987
by Charles Carpenter

Silver Palate Gift Set :-
by Rosso

Silver Simply Elegant :- 25th Anniversary Of Simply Elegant
by Pearl Gordon

Silver Vessels Of The Sasanian Period :- Royal Imagery
by Prudence Harper

Silver, 1650-1800 :-
by Tony Curtis

Silver, 1800-1950 :-
by Tony Curtis

Silverware Of The 20th Century :- The Top 250 Patterns
by Harry Rinker

Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia Of Silver :-
by Charles Truman

Stained Glass Before 1700 In American Collections :- Silver-Stained Roundels & Unipartite Panels
by Timothy Husband

Starting To Collect Silver :-
by J Luddington

Sterling Silver Roses :-
by Maria Martinez

Sumptuous Surrounds :- Silver Overlay On Ceramic & Glass
by Jayne Stokes

Table Knives & Forks :-
by Simon Moore

The Bulfinch Anatomy Of Antique China & Silver :- An Illustrated Guide To Tableware, Identifying Period, Detail & Design
by Tim Forrest

The Ceramic, Furniture & Silver Collectors' Glossary :-
by E Barber

The Collectors :- Early European Ceramic & Silver
by Julie Emerson

The Connoisseur's Handbook Of Antique Collecting :- A Dictionary Of Furniture, Silver, Ceramics, Glass, Fine Art, Etc
by Helena Hayward

The Courtauld Silver :- An Introduction To The Work Of The Courtauld Family Of Goldsmiths
by J Hayward

The Great Silver Manufactory :- Matthew Boulton & The Birmingham Silversmiths, 1760-1790
by Eric Delieb

The National Trust Book Of English Domestic Silver :- 1500-1900
by Timothy Schroder

The Silver Metal Lover :-
by Trina Robbins

The Silver Service Of The Portuguese Crown :-
by Leonor Doorey

The Sotheby's Directory Of Silver :- 1600-1940
by Vanessa Brett

Understanding Antiques :- An Introductory Guide To Furniture, Ceramics, Glass, Timepieces & Silver
by Lucila Watson

Warner's Blue Ribbon Book On Swarovski Beyond Silver Crystal :- Companion Guide
by Janet Warner

Warner's Blue Ribbon Book On Swarovski Silver Crystal :- Companion Guide
by Janet Warner

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