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A Century Of Gold Production :- & Reserves In British Columbia - 1890-1990
by T Schroeter

Alberta Miners :- A Tribute
by Lawrence Chrismas

Blue Gold :- Hydro-Electric Rent In Canada
by Richard Zuker

Bonanza Gold :-
by Pierre Berton

British Columbia Chronicle :- 1847-1871 - Gold & Colonists
by G Akrigg

Cariboo :- The Newly Discovered Gold Fields Of British Columbia

Cariboo Gold :- The Story Of The British Columbia Gold Rush
by Marian Place

Four Years In British Columbia :- & Vancouver Island - An Account Of Their Forests, Rivers, Coasts, Gold Fields & Resources For Colonization
by Richard Mayne

Fraser Gold 1858! :- The Founding Of British Columbia
by Netta Sterne

Gold At Fortymile Creek :- Early Days In The Yukon
by Michael Gates

Gold Diggers Of 1929 :- Canada & The Great Stock Market Crash
by Douglas Fetherling

Gold In Ontario :-
by Michael Barnes

Gold Rush :- A Pictorial Look At The Part Edmonton Played In The Gold Era Of The 1890s
by James Blower

Gold Rush Narrow Gauge :- The Story Of The White Pass & Yukon Route
by Cy Martin

Gold Rush! :- The Yukon Stampede Of 1898
by Margaret Poynter

Gold, The World Industry :- & Canadian Corporate Strategy
by Eric Cousineau

Golden Giant :- Hemlo & The Rush For Canada's Gold
by Pamela Westland

Green Gold :- The Forestry Industry In British Columbia
by Patricia Marchak

Guarding The Goldfields :- The Story Of The Yukon Field Force
by Brereton Greenhous

Natives Of The Northern Territories :-
by A Cardinall

New El Dorado :- Or, British Columbia
by Kinahan Cornwallis

Nothing Gold Can Stay :- The Wildlife Of Upper Canada
by W Sandercombe

Overland To Cariboo :- An Eventful Journey Of Canadian Pioneers To The Gold Fields Of British Columbia In 1862
by Margaret McNaughton

Pay Dirt :- The Search For Gold In British Columbia
by Laura Langston

The Gold Hunter's Guide :- To Nova Scotia
by Tony Bishop

Towers Of Gold, Feet Of Clay :- The Canadian Banks
by Walter Stewart

Ways Harsh & Wild :- Adventure & Hardship During The Yukon Gold Rush
by Doris Andersen

When A Ton Of Gold Reached Seattle :-
by Montgomery Er

White Gold :- Hydroelectric Power In Canada
by Karl Froschauer


Alaska Gold :- Life On The New Frontier 1899-1906
by Jeff Kunkel

Alaska Gold Prospectors Guide :-
by Ron Wendt

Alaska's Gold Rush :-
by Sue Becker

Alaskan Gold :-
by Robert Reese

Alaskan Scratches In The Sands Of Time :-
by Ralph Salesky

Applicability Of Siberian :- Placer Mining Technology To Alaska

Caught In The Sluice :- Tales From Alaska's Gold Camps
by Neil Davis

Experiences Of Gold Hunters In Alaska :-
by Charles Margeson

Girl In The Gold Camp :- A True Account Of An Alaska Adventure, 1909-1910
by Peggy Dodson

Gold Hunting In Alaska :-
by Joseph Grinnel

Gold In Trib 1 :- Flying, Hiking & Gold Prospecting - Adventure In Wild Present-Day Alaska
by Douglas Anderson

Gold Placer Deposits In Eastcentral Alaska :- An Inventory Of The Gold Placer Mines, Prospects & Deposits
by Richard Lampright

Gold Placer Deposits In Northeast Alaska :- Dalton Highway
by Richard Lampright

Gold Placer Deposits Near Fairbanks Alaska :-
by Richard Lampright

Gold Placer Deposits Near Talkeetna :- Alaska - An Inventory Of The Gold Placer Mines, Prospects & Deposits
by Richard Lampright

Gold Placers Of The Fortymile River Region :- Alaska - A Historic Mining Area
by Warren Yeend

Gold Rush :- North To Alaska & The Klondike
by Sally Wilson

Gold Rush Gateway Skagway :- & Dyea Alaska
by Stan Cohen

Gold Rush Runaway :- A Historical Novel Of Alaska Exploration & Adventure
by Douglas Devries

Good Time Girls :- Of The Alaska Yukon Gold Rush
by Lael Morgan

Growing Up At Gold Creek :- The Gonna People - A True Adventure Of The Alaskan
by Melody Zager

How To Pan Gold Adventure In Alaska :-
by Monica Emery

Hunting For Gold In Alaska's Talkeetna Mountains :- 1897-1951 - With A Background Sketch Of Alaska's Great Gold-Lode Camps
by William Stoll

In Alaska With Shipwreck Kelly :-
by Dan Cushman

In Search Of Gold :- Alaska Journals Of Horace Conger 1898-1899
by Holeski

Lost Gold Mines Of Alaska :- & Great Gold Robberies Of The Alaska Gold Rush Era
by Ron Wendt

Memories Of Old Sunrise :- Gold Mining On Alaska's Turnagain Arm - Autobiography Of Albert Weldon Morgan
by Albert Morgan

Nome Nuggets :- Some Of The Experiences Of A Party Of Gold Seekers In Northwestern Alaska In 1900
by L French

Pay Dirt :- Fortunes & Misfortunes Of An Alaskan Gold Miner
by Otis Hahn

Reflections :- A Pioneer Alaskan's Personal History Of The Gold Rush
by Lazzette Ohman

Saami, Reindeer & Gold In Alaska :- The Emigration Of Saami From Norway To Alaska
by Ornulv Vorren

Skagway :- Alaska Gold Rush Cemetery
by Glenda Choate

Staking Her Claim :- The Life Of Belinda Mulrooney, Klondike & Alaska Entrepreneur
by Melanie Mayer

The Alaska Gold Rush :-
by David Wharton

The Alaska-Klondike Diary :- Of Elizabeth Robins, 1900
by Elizabeth Robins

The Alaskan Gold Fields :-
by Sam Dunham

The Blue Parka Man :- Alaskan Gold Rush Bandit
by H Landru

The Northern Gold Fleet :- Twentieth-Century Gold Dredging In Alaska
by Clark Spence

The Skagway Story :- A History Of Alaska's Most Famous Gold Rush Town & Some Of The People Who Made That History
by Howard Clifford

Thirteen Years Of Travel :- & Exploration In Alaska, 1877-1889
by W Pierce

To Alaska For Gold :-
by John Stacey

Trailing & Camping In Alaska :- Tales Of The Valdez Copper River Gold Rush
by Addison Powell

Two Years In The Klondike :- & Alaskan Gold-Fields 1896-1898 - A Thrilling Narrative Of Life In The Gold Mines & Camps
by William Haskell

Where To Prospect For Gold :- In Alaska Without Getting Shot!
by Ron Wendt


A Klondike Scrapbook :- Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times
by Norman Bolotin

Before The Gold Rush :- The Great Klondike Gold Rush
by Pierre Berton

Best Tales Of The Yukon :-
by Robert Service

Carmack Of The Klondike :-
by James Johnson

Chilkoot Trail :- Heritage Route To The Klondike - 1996
by David Neufeld

Early Days On The Yukon :- & The Story Of Its Gold Finds
by William Ogilvie

Faith Of Fools :- A Journal Of The Klondike Gold Rush
by William Shape

From Duck Lake To Dawson City :- The Diary Of Eben McAdam's Journey To The Klondike, 1898-1899
by Ebenezer McAdam

Gamblers & Dreamers :- Women, Men & Community In The Klondike
by Charlene Porsild

Gold Along The Yukon :-
by Ralph Salesky

Gold Prospecting Along The Yukon River :-
by Ron Wendt

Gold! The Klondike Adventure :-
by Delia Ray

Gold-Fever Trail :- A Klondike Adventure
by Monica Hughes

Great Klondike Gold Rush :- 1896 1904
by Dicks Santor

Ho For The Klondike :- A Whimsical Look At The Years 1897-1898
by James Stanton

Hunter - The Yukon Gold Rush Letters :- Of Robert Fitzhugh, 1897-1900
by Robert Fitzhugh

Kings Of The Klondike :- The Great Klondike Gold Rush
by Berton

Klondike :- The Last Great Gold Rush, 1896-1899
by Pierre Berton

Klondike '98 :- E Hegg's Gold Rush Album
by Ethel Becker

Klondike Arthur :-
by Alan Coren

Klondike Centennial Scrapbook :- The Great Klondike Gold Rush
by Stan Cohen

Klondike Fever :- The Famous Gold Rush Of 1898
by Michael Cooper

Klondike Letters :- The Correspondence Of A Gold Seeker In 1898
by Alfred McMichael

Klondike Lost :- A Decade Of Photographs By Kinsey & Kinsey
by Norm Bolotin

Klondike Newsman - Stroller White :-
by De Armon

Klondike Park :- From Seattle To Dawson City
by Archie Satterfield

Klondike Women :- True Tales Of The 1897-1898 Gold Rush
by Melanie Mayer

Let's Go To The Klondike Gold Rush :-
by Wolfe L

Magnificence & Misery :- A First-Hand Account Of The 1897 Klondike Gold Rush
by E Wells

Make It Pay! :- Gold Dredge #4 - Klondike, Yukon, Canada
by David Neufeld

Mission, Klondike :-
by James Sinclair

Murder, Madness & Mystery :- An Historical Narrative Of Mollie Walsh Bartlett, From The Days Of The Klondike Gold Rush
by Art Petersen

North Of 53 Degrees :- The Wild Days Of The Alaska-Yukon Mining Frontier, 1870-1914
by William Hunt

One Man's Gold Rush :- A Klondike Album
by Murray Morgan

Real Klondike Kate :-
by Ann Brennan

The Gold Fields Of The Klondike :-
by John Leonard

The Hard Road To Klondike :-
by Michael MacGowan

The Klondike Fever :- The Life & Death Of The Last Great Gold Rush
by Pierre Berton

The Klondike Gold Rush :- A Book Of Postcards
by Graham Wilson

The Klondike Gold Rush :-
by Donna Shepherd

The Klondike Gold Rush :- Photographs From 1896-1899
by Graham Wilson

The Klondike Gold Rush Mystery :-
by Dwight Stauffer

The Klondike Stampede :-
by Tappan Adney

The Klondike Stampede :- The Great Klondike Gold Rush
by Pierre Berton

The Klondike's Dear Little Nugget :-
by Ian MacDonald

The Streets Were Paved With Gold :- A Pictorial History Of The Klondike Gold Rush 1896-99
by Stan Cohan

The Yukon & Northwest Territories :-
by Edward McCourt

The Yukon Queen :-
by Gilbert Morris

When Men Panned Gold In The Klondike :-
by E Janes

Women Of The Klondike :-
by Frances Backhouse

Yukon Gold :- High Hopes & Dashed Dreams
by James Preyde

Yukon Gold :-
by William Blankenship

Yukon Gold :- A Guide For The Modern Goldseeker
by Samuel Holloway

Yukon Gold :- The Story Of The Klondike Gold Rush
by Charlotte Jones

Yukon Gold :-
by John Bienko

Yukon Placer Mining & Exploration :- 1985-1988

Yukon River :- An Adventure To The Gold Fields Of The Klondike
by Peter Lourie

Yukon River Gold :-
by Ron Wendt

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