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Hammered Gold :-
by William Johnson

Harp O' Gold :-
by Teresa Bateman

Harte's Gold :-
by Jane Toombs

Harvest Gold :-
by Esther Vogt

Harvest Of Gold :-
by E Miller

Hatcher Pass Gold :-
by Ron Wendt

Hatful Of Gold :-
by Hall M

Hawk - Fools Gold :-
by William Brady

Heart Of Gold :-
by Russell Greenan

Heart Of Gold :- The Light Within Life
by Mary Fisher

Heart Of Gold :-
by Rosalyn White

Heart Of Gold :-
by May McGoldrick

Heart Of Gold :-
by Sharon Shinn

Heart Of Gold :- A Book
by Paul Williams

Heart Of Gold :-
by Kerri Strug

Heart Of Gold :-
by Williams

Hearts Of Gold :-
by Catrin Collier

Hearts Of Gold :-
by Martha Longshore

Hearts Of Gold :-
by Kay Hooper

Hearts Of Gold :-
by Phoebe Conn

Hearts Of Gold :-
by Jessica Stirling

Hearts Of Gold :-
by Clive Sinclair

Heaven's Gold :-
by Giles Tippette

Heinrich Schliemann :- For Gold Or Glory?
by Katerina von Burg

Her Gold & Her Body :-
by Jamila Verghese

Herds Of Thunder, Manes Of Gold :-
by Bruce Coville

Hermetic Triumph :- & The Ancient War Of The Knights - 1740 - Being An Alchemistical Dialogue Between Our Stone, Gold & Mercury
by Unk

Hidden Gold Of Widow's Mountain :-
by Patricia Werner

High On Gold :-
by Lee Richmond

High Slack :- Waddington's Gold Road & The Bute Inlet Massacre Of 1864
by Judith Williams

Hiram Bingham & The Dream Of Gold :-
by Daniel Cohen

Historical Sites & Places Packet :- Historic Halifax - Bath Towne - The Duke Homestead - Gold Mine Reed - Town Creek Indian Mound - The Unpainted Aristocracy

Homer Spit Coal, Gold & Con Men :-
by Janet Klein

Hooky & The Crock Of Gold :-
by Laurence Meynell

Hour Of Gold, Hour Of Lead :- Diaries & Letters Of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1929-1932
by Anne Cullinan

Houses Of Gold :-
by John Campbell

How Many Miles From St Jo :- The Log Of Sterling Clark, A Forty-Niner
by Sterling Clark

Humbolot Homegrown :- The Gold Age
by Edward Parsons

Hunter's Gold :-
by Philippa Mansfield

I Shall Come Forth As Gold :-
by Peter Church

ic Stories Of Courage & Inspiration :-
by Elliot Johnson

If I Could Crown Your Hills With Gold :-
by Lawrence Reh

If I Pay Thee Not In Gold :-
by Piers Anthony

Imperial Bureaucrat :- The Colonial Administrative Service In The Gold Coast, 1920-1939
by Henrika Kuklick

In Search Of Gold Paved Streets :- Greek Immigrant Labor In The Far West, 1900-1920
by Louis Cononelos

In The Realms Of Gold :- The Proceedings Of The Tenth Conference
by Wilburn Cockrell

Inca Gold :-
by Norma Johnson

Indigo & Moonlight Gold :-
by Jan Gilchrist

Into Gold :-
by Tanith Lee

Ion Idriess :-
by Beverley Eley

Irish Gold :-
by Andrew Greeley

Island Of Gold :-
by James Grant

Isles Of Gold :- Antique Maps Of Japan
by Hugh Cortazzi

Jack Mould & The Curse Of Gold :-
by Elizabeth Hawkins

Jackals' Gold :-
by Kenneth Fowler

Jason's Gold :-
by Will Hobbs

Jessie Strikes Louisiana Gold :-
by M Snellings

Journey To The Koyukuk :-
by J Wyman

Kanawha's Black Gold :- & The Miners' Rebellions
by V Harris

Key Of Gold :-
by Lawrence Schoonover

Khmer Gold :-
by Hugh McCaffrey

Killer's Gold :-

King Midas & His Gold :-
by Catherine Storr

King's Fifth :-
by Scott O'Dell

Kingdom Of Gold :-
by Susan Wiggs

Kiss Of Gold :-
by Samantha Harte

Knocking At The Gate :- The White Gold Adventure
by Don Elwood

Kolchak's Gold :-
by Brian Garfield

Kristi Yamaguchi - Pure Gold :-
by Jeff Savage

Kundi Dan :- Dan Leahy's Life Among The Highlanders Of Papua New Guinea
by John Fowke

La Edad Del Oro :- The Gold Age
by Jose Oviedo

Lady Gold :-
by Angela Amato

Lady Of Gold :-
by Paige Brantley

Land Of Fur & Gold :- Autobiography Of Raymond Thompson
by Raymond Thompson

Last Gold Diggers :-
by Horse

Last Rig To Battle Mountain :-
by Walt Wilhelm

Lawyers In Gold Coast Politics :- C 1900-1945 - From Mensah Sarbah To J Danquah
by Bjeorn Edsman

Leaves Of Gold :- Deluxe Brown
by Clyde Lytle

Legacy Of Gold :-
by Raphael Sackvill

Lego - Gold Robber :-
by Anna Nilsen

Leprechaun Gold :-
by Teresa Bateman

Letters Of Gold :-
by Jesse Coburn

Letters On The Political Condition :- Of The Gold Coast Since The Exchange Of Territory Between The English & Dutch Governments
by Africanus Horton

Light On The Path :- Through The Gates Of Gold
by Mabel Collins

Lightnin' Hopkins :- The Gold Star Years
by Dan Bowden

Liquid Gold :-
by Glen Thompson

Living On The Unicoi Road :-
by Matt Gedney

Longarm & Santa Anna's Gold :-

Lord Wakeford's Gold Watch :-
by Paula Girard

Lost Gold :-
by Mildred Fielder

Lover's Gold :-
by Kat Martin

MacKenna's Gold :-
by Will Henry

Made Of Gold :- A Biography Of Angela Burdett Coutts
by Diana Orton

Malpais Gold :-
by H Carson

Man Of Gold :-
by Kay Clifford

Maratoto Gold :-
by Ann Stevenson

March To Big Gold Mountain :-
by David Horsfall

Mariposa Gold :-
by Albert Butler

Mark-Paul Gosselaar :- Ultimate Gold
by Beth Cruise

Masques Of Gold :-
by Roberta Gellis

Maximilian's Gold :-
by Gordon Shirreffs

McNeil's Travels :-
by Samuel McNeil

Midnight Gold :-
by Sylvia Grieg

Minds Of Blue :- Souls Of Gold
by Michael Levy

Miner's Rights :-
by Rolf Boldrewood

Mines Of Julian :-
by Helen Ellsberg

Miss Marian's Gold :-
by Eileen Lantry

Missing Mobster Millions :- & Other Gangland Gold
by Thomas Terry

Molly & The Gold Baron :-
by Stephen Overholser

Montenegrin Gold :-
by Brian Ball

Moon Gold :-
by Carolyn Sibr

More Gold Than Gold :-
by Ruthe Spinnanger

More Precious Than Gold :-
by Elaine Barbieri

More Precious Than Gold :-
by Patricia Phillips

More Saskatchewan Gold :-
by Geoffrey Ursell

More Than Harps Of Gold :-
by Penny Wheeler

Mornings Of Gold :-
by Carol Marsh

Mortal Kombat Gold :-
by Joe Cain

Moscow Gold :-
by T Ali

Mountain Man's Gold :-
by Ralph Haynes

Mountains & Molehills :- Or, Recollections Of A Burnt Journal
by Frank Marryat

Murphy's Gold :-
by Gary Paulsen

My Life In The Southwest :- The Memoir Of Adah Hadlock, Early Day El Pasoan, Amateur Artist, Champion Golfer, Avid Wildcatter & Gold Seeker
by Adah Hadlock

Mysterious Scott :- The Monte Cristo Of Death Valley
by Orin Merrill

Mystery At The Old Stamp Mill :-
by Janet McHenry

Mystery Of Gold Hill :-
by Ruth Wood

Mystery Of Superstition Mountain :-
by Oren Arnold

Mystery Of The Buried Gold :-
by Eda Stertz

Nahanni - River Of Gold :- River Of Dreams
by Neil Hartling

Nashramh - The Gold Threads :-
by Diane Bothell

Never Come Down :-
by Michelle Black

New Great Gold In Your Attic :-
by Phoebe Scott

New York Gold :-

Niagara's Gold :-
by Jeff Maynard

Night Of Gold :-
by Jill Moore

No Gold When You Go :-
by Peter Chambers

Nome Gold :-
by Kenneth Kutz

Not For All The Gold In Ireland :-
by John James

Not For Glory Not For Gold :-
by Keith Miles

Nothing Gold Can Stay :-
by Rosemary Matteson

O Rugged Land Of Gold :-
by Martha Martin

Oak Island Gold :-
by William Crooker

Odyssey Of Gold :-
by Aaron Gold

Of Men & Gold :-
by Rachakonda Sastri

On Feet Of Gold :-
by Ira Cohen

On Gold :-
by Alan Lipscomb

On The Mines :-
by David Goldblatt

Once Told, They're Gold :-
by David Armstrong

One Round River :- The Curse Of Gold & The Fight For The Big Blackfoot
by Richard Manning

Opium & Gold :-
by Peter Butler

Oro/Gold :-
by Cizia Zyke

Outlaw's Gold :-
by Dan Roberts

Overlanders :-
by Richard Wright

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