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A Gold Digger's Diaries :-
by Ned Peters

Adventures On & Off Interstate 80 :- Natural & Human History Along The Pioneer & Gold Rush Corridor From San Francisco's Pacific Shore To Nevada
by Eleanor Huggins

Age Of Gold, Age Of Iron :- Renaissance Spain & Symbols Of Monarchy, The Imperial Legacy Of Charles V & Philip II Royal Castles, Palace-Monasterie
by Barbara von Barghahn

Ages Of Gold & Silver :- & Other Short Sketches Of Human History
by John Jackson

All That Glitters :- Men & Women Of The Gold & Silver Rushes
by Phyllis Emert

Arabian Natural History :- With Precious Gold In Arabia
by Heather Ross

Augustine's City Of Gold :- A Reader's Guide
by Gerard O'Daly

Between God & Gold :- Protestant Evangelicalism & The Industrial Revolution, 1820-1914
by Robert Wauzzinski

Byzantium :- City Of Gold, City Of Faith
by Paul Hetherington

Castlemaine - From Camp To City :- A Pictorial History Of Forest Creek & The Mount Alexander Goldfields, 1835-1900
by Geoff Hocking

Chilkoot Pass :- & The Great Gold Rush Of 1898

Crossing The Plains In 1852 :- Narrative Of A Trip From Iowa To The Land Of The Gold
by Lucy Cooke

Description & Historical Account :- Of The Gold Kingdom Of Guinea, 1602
by Pieter de Marees

Early Western Travels :- 1748-1846 - 32 Volumes
by Reuben Thwaites

Early Western Travels :- 1748-1846
by Reben Thwaited

Egpyt Of The Pharaohs :- The Pharaohs Master-Builders & Gold Of The Pharaohs
by Stierlin

Eureka Rediscovered :- In Search Of The Site Of The Historic Stockade
by Jack Harvey

Fortunes Are For The Few :- Letters Of A Forty-Niner
by Charles Churchill

Glory, God & Gold :- A Narrative History
by Paul Iselin

Gold & Colonial Society :- 1851-1870

Gold & Galena :- A History Of The Mayo District

Gold & Silver In The Late Roman World :-
by K Painter

Gold & Spices :- The Rise Of Commerce In The Middle Ages
by Jean Favier

Gold - An Illustrated History :-
by Vincent Buranelli

Gold - Being The Marvellous History :- Of General John Augustus Sutter
by Blaise Cendrars

Gold - The Fascinating Story :- Of The Noble Metal Through The Ages
by Daniel Cohen

Gold - The Saga Of The Empire Mine :- 1850-1956
by F McQuiston

Gold At Harrietville :-
by B Lloyd

Gold At The Ten Mile :- The Jamieson Goldfield
by B Lloyd

Gold Camps & Silver Cities :-
by M Wells

Gold Crusades :- A Social History Of Gold Rushes 1849-1969
by Fehterling

Gold Diggers & Camp Followers :- 1845-1851
by David Comstock

Gold Fever :- America's First Gold Rush
by Ray Charles

Gold Of The Pharaohs :- An Exhibition Provided By The Egyptian Antiquities Organization
by Colin Hope

Gold Town To Ghost Town :- Boom & Bust On Rainy Lake
by David Perry

Gold-Camp Drifter, 1906-1910 :-
by Emmett Arnold

Grass Is Gold :- A Biographical History
by Thelma Miller

Henry William Bigler :- Soldier, Gold Miner, Missionary, Chronicler 1815-1900
by Michael Bishop

Hikers Guide To The Superstition Wilderness :- With History & Legends Of Arizona's Lost Dutchman Gold Mine
by Jack Carlson

History Of The Akan Peoples :- Of The Gold Coast
by Balmer Wt

History Of The Wedderburn Gold Fields :-
by J Gray

Ho For The Gold Fields :- Northern Overland Wagon Trains Of The 1860's
by Helen White

King Solomon's Golden Ophir :- A Research Into The Most Ancient Gold Production In History
by Karl Peters

Ladies Of The Goldfield Stock Exchange :-
by Sybil Downing

Living Gold :- A History Of The Rural Municipality Of Roland, Manitoba, 1876-1976
by Evelyn Mullin

Mammoth Gold :- The Ghost Towns Of Lake District
by Gary Caldwell

Miners & Moonshiners :- A Personal Account Of Adventure & Survival In A Difficult Era
by Fred Peet

Mother Lode Memories :- A Pictorial History
by Coke Covello

No Streets Of Gold :- A Social History Of Ukrainians In Alberta
by Helen Potrebemko

Old Javanese Gold :- 4th-15th Century -An Archaeometrical Approach
by Miksic

One's Own Hearth Is Like Gold :- A History Of Helvetia, West Virginia
by David Sutton

Overland Routes To The Gold Fields :- 1859, From Contemporary Diaries
by Le Roy Hafen

Owen Jones :- Labour Pioneer On The Castlemaine Goldfield
by Raymond Bradfield

Quest For The Dutchman's Gold :- The 100-Year Mystery - The Facts, Myths & Legends Of The Lost Dutchman Mine & The Superstition Mountains
by Robert Sikorsky

Remember Kirkland Lake :- The History & Effects Of The Kirkland Lake Gold Miners' Strike, 1941-42
by Laurel MacDowell

Remember Kirkland Lake :- The Gold Miners' Strike Of 1941-42
by Laurel MacDowell

Reuben Gold Thwaites :- A Memorial Address
by Frederick Turner

Sea Routes To The Gold Fields :-
by Oscar Lewis

Southwest Borderlands :- Veins Of Silver & Gold
by Robert Perez

The Anthropology Of Slavery :- The Womb Of Iron & Gold
by Claude Meillassoux

The Aulularia Of Plautus :- The Pot Of Gold
by Gilbert Lawall

The Central Gold-Fields :-
by Harley Forster

The Dark Ages & The Age Of Gold :-
by Russell Fraser

The Dusts Of Time :- Gold Dust, Red Dust & Bull Dust - Lake Cargelligo & District, 1873-1973

The Early History Of Gold In India :-
by Rajni Nanda

The Egyptian & Inca Gold Traders :- A Theory Explaining How & Why Ancient Egyptians Came To Peru - In Search Of Gold
by Donovan Grable

The Eldorado Of The Ancients :-
by Karl Peters

The Field Of Cloth Of Gold :- Men & Manners In 1520
by Joycelyne Russell

The Gold Crusades :- A Social History Of The Gold Rushes, 1849-1929
by Douglas Fetherling

The Gold Discovery Journal :- Of Azariah Smith
by Azariah Smith

The Gold Of The Pharaohs :-
by Henri Stierlin

The Gold Of Troy :- Searching For Homer's Fabled City
by Vladimir Tolstikov

The Gold Of Troy :-
by Robert Fish

The Gold Of Tutankhamen :-
by Kamal Mallakh

The Goldfields Story :- 1851-1861
by Brian Hodge

The History Of The Comstock Lode :- 1850-1997 - Nevada Bureau Of Mines & Geology
by Grant Smith

The House Of Gold :- Building A Palace In Medieval Venice
by Richard Goy

The Island Of Formosa Past & Present :- History, People, Resources & Commercial Prospects - Tea, Camphor, Sugar, Gold, Coal, Sulphur, Economical
by James Davidson

The Journals Of Alfred Doten :- 1849-1903
by Alfred Doten

The Native States Of The Gold Coast :- History & Constitution
by Charles Welman

The Roman Gold Mines :- At Dolancothi
by Geraint Jones

The Search For The Gold Of Tutankhaman :-
by Arnold Brackman

The Viking-Age :- Gold & Silver Of Scotland, 850-1100 Ad
by James Graham-Campbell

They Followed The Gold :- The Spicer Family From Hertfordshire
by Narelle Milligan

Thrilling Narrative Of The Adventures :- Sufferings & Starvation Of Pike's Peak Gold Seekers
by Daniel Blue

To The Land Of Gold & Wickedness :- The 1848-59 Diary Of Lorena Hays
by Lorena Hays

Two Groups Of Thessalian Gold :-
by Stella Miller

Wealth Of The Roman World :- Gold & Silver, 300-700 Ad
by Painter Kent

Wool, Cloth & Gold :- The Struggle For Bullion In Anglo-Burgundian Trade, 1340-1478
by John Munro

Writing In Gold :- Byzantine Society & Its Icons
by Robin Cormack

Zeballos, Its Gold, Its People :- Yesterday & Today - An Historical Documentation
by Warren Cullins

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