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1991 American Guide To US Gold Coins :-
by Charles French

1992 American Guide To US Gold Coins :-
by Charles French

America's Gold Coinage :-
by William Metcalf

American Counters Part 1 :- Double Eagle & Eagle Gold
by L Fauver

American Counters Part 4 :- One Dollar Gold & One Dollar Silver
by L Fauver

Amphipolis :- The Civic Coinage In Silver & Gold
by Catharine Lorber

Buyer's Guide To United States Gold Coins :-
by Q Bowers

Cam Jansen :- & The Mystery Of The Gold Coins
by David Adler

Catalogue Of German Coins :- Gold, Silver & Minor Coins Since 1800, With Their Valuations
by Paul Arnold

Catalogue Of Scandinavian Coins :- Gold, Silver & Minor Coins Since 1534, With Their Valuations
by Burton Hobson

Coin World Comprehensive Catalog :- & Encyclopedia Of United States Coins - Including Pre-Federal Coinage, Pioneer Gold & Patterns
by David Alexander

Coins & Costume In Late Antiquity :-
by Jutta-Annette Bruhn

Coins Of Gold :-
by Paul Twitchell

Coins, Bodies, Games & Gold :- The Politics Of Meaning In Archaic Greece
by Leslie Kurke

Contemporary World Gold Coins :- 1934-74
by Sanford Durst

Early Modern Gold Coins :- From The Deutsche Bundesbank Collection

El Dorado :- Lament For The Gold Double Eagle
by William Oppenheimer

Encyclopedia Of United States :- Silver & Gold Commemorative Coins - 1892-1954
by Anthony Swiatek

Encyclopedia Of Values :- United States Gold Coins
by Sanford Durst

European Gold Coins Guide Book :-
by H Schlumberger

Five Gold Coins :- A Story About The Five Universal Sources Of Success In The Modern World
by K Brenner

Gold & Platinum Coinage :- Of Imperial Russia From 1701 To 1911
by H Severin

Gold Coin :-
by R Brodtkorb

Gold Coins Of Philippi :-
by Paul Lambros

Gold Coins Of The Dahlonega Mint :- 1838-1861 - A Numismatic History & Analysis
by Douglas Winter

Gold Coins Of The Seventeen Fifteen Spanish Plate Fleet :- A Numismatic Study Of The State Of Florida Collection
by Alan Craig

Gold Coins Of The World :- An Illustrated Standard Catalogue With Valuations
by Robert Friedberg

Gold Coins Of The World :- From Ancient Times To The Present - An Illustrated Standard Catalogue With Valuations
by Robert Friedberg

Gold Coins Of The World :- Complete From 600 AD To The Present - An Illustrated Standard Catalogue With Valuations
by Robert Friedberg

Gould's Gold & Silver Guide To Coins :-
by Maurice Gould

Gupta Gold Coins With A Garuda-Banner :-
by Ellen Raven

Handbook Of Twentieth Century :- United States Gold Coins
by David Akers

Historic Gold Coins Of The World :- From Croesus To Elizabeth II
by Burton Hobson

How The Experts Buy & Sell :- Gold Bullion, Gold Stocks & Gold Coins
by James Sinclair

How To Invest In Gold Coins :-
by Donald Hoppe

Kenyon's Gold Coins Of England :-
by Robert Kenyon

Major Variety & Oddity Guide Of United States Coins :- Listing All US Coins From Half Cents Through Gold Coins, Fully Illustrated, With Values
by Frank Spadone

Private Gold Coins :- & Patterns Of The United States
by Don Kagin

Roman Gold :- Coins Of The Medieval World 383-1453 AD
by Harlan Berk

Rosetta & The Gold Coins :-
by Peggi Carrier

South Africa's First Gold Coin :- Research On The Burgers Dies & Burgerspond 1874
by Matthys Esterhuysen

Standard Catalog Of World Gold Coins :-
by Chester Krause

Studies On Early Byzantine Gold Coinage :-
by Wolfgang Hahn

Sylloge Of The United States :- Holdings In The National Numismatic Collection Of The Smithsonian Institution - Gold Coins, 1785-1834
by Cory Gillilland

Tables Of English Silver & Gold Coins :-
by Martin Folkes

The Bechtlers & Their Coinage :- North Carolina Mint Masters Of Pioneer Gold
by Rodney Barfield

The Gift Of The Gold Coin :-
by Jane Bauld

The Gold Book :- A Guide To Commonly Traded Gold Bullion Coins & Bars
by M Olsen

The Gold Coin :-
by Andrea Kane

The Gold Coin :-
by Alma Ada

The Gold Sovereign :-
by Michael Marsh

The Official Investors Guide :- Buying-Selling Gold Coins
by Marc Hudgeons

The Rooster & The Two Gold Coins :- A Hungarian Folk Tale
by Judit Bodnar

The World Of Coins & Coin Collecting :-
by David Ganz

United States Gold Coins :- An Illustrated History
by Q Bowers

Weighing Coins :- English Folding Gold Balances Of The 18th & 19th Centuries
by Michael Crawforth

Woodland Gang & The Old Gold Coin :-
by I Schultz

World Gold Coin Value Guide :-
by Lorraine Durst

Wyvern Gold Coins :-


Akan Weights & The Gold Trade :-
by Timothy Garrard

Claims - Adventures In The Gold Trade :-
by Ken Lefolii

Everything You Need To Know Now :- About Gold & Silver
by Louis Carabini

Exploring The Mother Lode Country :-
by Richard Dillon

Gold & Other Precious Metals :-
by Charles Coombs

Gold & Silver In The West :-
by Watkins

Gold - Its Beauty, Power & Allure :-
by C Sutherland

Gold - The Noble Metal :-
by James O'Donnell

Gold Formulae :-

Gold Panic Investigation :- Report

Gold Potential Of The Southwest Pacific :- Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji
by J Lum

Gold To 1992 :- New Mines & Stronger Markets

Gold Usage :-
by W Rapson

Gold, Its Time & Its Place :-
by Desmond Pretorius

Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron :-
by James Matheny

Golden Phoenix :- The Biography Of Peter Munk
by Richard Rohmer

In Search Of Soviet Gold :-
by John Littlepage

Labour & Gold In Fiji :-
by Atu Emberson-Bain

Lance Salway's Book :- Of Gold & Gold-Hunters
by Lance Salway

Letters Of John McCulloch :- To David Ricardo & Three Letters On The Price Of Gold
by John McCulloch

Meadow Lake Gold Town :-
by P Fatout

Nickel Country - Gold Country :-
by Norma King

One Hundred Tons Of Gold :-
by David Chandler

Roughing It In Gold Country :-
by William Pierson

Seminar On The Untapped Gold Mine :-

The Collapse Of Gold :-
by Carlo Flumiani

The Functions & Significance Of Gold :- In The Veda
by J Gonda

The Gold Ring :- Jim Fisk, Jay Gould & Black Friday, 1869
by Kenneth Ackerman

The Reader's Digest Book Of Gold :- A Brief Guide To The World's Most Alluring Metal
by Vic Mayhew

The World Of Gold Today :-
by Timothy Green

Treasure In The Dust :- Enduring Gold & Silver's Century Of Divorce
by Becky Boudway

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