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7 Financial Conspiracies :- Which Have Enslaved The American People
by Sarah Emery

Adventures In The Apache Country :- A Tour Through Arizona & Sonora, With Notes On The Silver Regions Of Nevada
by J Browne

American Silver :- A History Of Style, 1650-1900
by Graham Hood

American Silver & Pressed Glass :-

American Silver At Winterthur :-
by Dianne Johnson

American Silver Manufacturers :-
by Dorothy Rainwater

American Silver Thimbles :-
by Gay Ann Rogers

Anti-Semitism In America :- 1878-1939
by Harold Quinley

Arizona & Sonora :- The Geography History & Resources Of The Silver Region Of North America
by Sylvester Mowry

Conquered Provinces :- Nevada Moves Southeast, 1864-1871
by John Townley

Early American Silver :-
by C Avery

Early American Silver :-
by Martha Fales

Early American Silver & Its Makers :-
by James Bentley

Editor On The Comstock Lode :-
by Wells Drury

For Wood River Or Bust :- Idaho's Silver Boom Of The 1880s
by Clark Spence

Harold Silver :- Western Inventor, Businessman & Civic Leader
by Leonard Arrington

History Of Leadville & Lake County, Colorado :- From Mountain Solitude To Metropolis
by Don Griswold

History Of The Comstock Silver Lode & Mines :- Nevada & The Great Basin Region, Lake Tahoe & The High Sierras
by Dan DeQuille

Leadville Architecture :- Legacy Of Silver, 1860-1899
by Lawrence Von Bamford

Little Silver :-
by Karen Schnitzspahn

Living On The Edge Of The Rim :- Excavations & Analysis Of The Silver Creek Archaeological Research Project 1993-1998
by Barbara Mills

Marks Of Achievement :- Four Centuries Of American Presentation Silver
by David B Warren

Mermaids & Saguaros :- The USS Arizona Silver

Mexico's Merchant Elite :- 1590-1660 - Silver, State & Society
by Louisa Hoberman

Mountains Of Silver :- The Story Of Colorado's Red Mountain Mining District
by P Smith

Navajo Silver :- A Brief History Of Navajo Silversmithing
by Arthur Woodward

Nelly's Silver Mine :- A Story Of Colorado Life
by Helen Jackson

Nevada - A Guide To The Silver State :-
by Federal Writers Project

Nevada - Golden Challenge In The Silver State :- A Comtemporary Portrait
by Guy Shipler

Nevada Newspaper Days :- A History Of Journalism In The Silver State
by Jake Highton

Nevada Silver :-
by Joan Hohl

Nevada The Silver State :-
by Adam Collings

North American Indian Trade Silver :-
by W Carter

North American Silver Deposits, Ag :- United States - Canada - Mexico

Not On A Silver Platter :- Settling The Willamette Valley & Salem, Oregon, 1858-1904
by Beatrice White

Picture History Of English & American Silver :-
by Michael Clayton

Planning The Twentieth-Century American City :-
by Mary Sies

Running Scared :- Silver In Mississippi
by James Silver

Silver & Politics In Nevada :- 1892-1902
by Mary Glass

Silver Bullet :- The Martini In American Civilization
by Lowell Edmunds

Silver Cities :- The Photography Of American Urbanization, 1839-1915
by Peter Hales

Silver Dust & Spanish Wine :- A Bilingual History Of Mexico
by Joan Olson

Silver Era In American Jewish Orthodoxy :- Rabbi Eliezer & His Generation
by Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff

Silver In America 1840-1940 :- A Century Of Splendor
by Charles Venable

Silver Kings :- The Lives & Times Of MacKay, Fair, Flood & O'Brien, Lords Of The Nevada Comstock Lode
by Oscar Lewis

Silver Lake :- The High Sierra Between Carson Pass & Ebbetts Pass
by Joseph Grodin

Silver Masters Of Mexico :- Hector Aguilar & The Taller Borda
by Penny Morrill

Silver Ribbon Skinny :- The Towpath Adventures Of Skinny Nye, A Muleskinner On The Ohio & Erie Canal, 1884
by Marilyn Seguin

Silver Saga - The Story Of Caribou, Colorado :-
by Duane Smith

Silver Stampede :- The Career Of Death Valley's Hell-camp, Old Panamint
by Neill Wilson

Silver Thread :- The Ups & Downs Of A Mennonite Family In Mission - 1895-1995
by Joseph Shenk

Silver, Trade & War :- Spain & America In The Making Of Early Modern Europe
by Stanley Stein

Spenders & Hoarders :- The World Distribution Of Spanish American Silver 1550-1750
by Charles Kindleberger

Summit - A Gold Rush History :- Of Summit County, Colorado
by Mary Gilliland

The Colorado Silver Bullets For The Love Of The Game :- Women Who Go Toe-To-Toe With The Men
by Dave Kindred

The Comstock Papers :-
by Henry DeGroot

The Old Silver Of American Churches :-
by E Jones

The Practical Book Of American Silver :-
by Edward Wenham

The Silver Cradle :- Las Posadas, Los Pastores & Other Mexican American Traditions
by Julia Nott Waugh

The Silver Seekers :- They Tamed California's Last Frontier
by Remi Nadeau

The Silver Short Line :- A History Of The Virginia & Truckee Railroad
by Ted Wurm

The Silver State :- Nevada's Heritage Reinterpreted
by James Hulse

Their Silver Wedding Journey :-
by William Howells

Tombstone, Arizona Silver Camp :-
by Robert Spude

Tonopah, Silver Camp Of Nevada :-
by Stanley Paher

Trail Guide To Los Padres National Forest :- Monterey Ranger District - Ventana Wilderness & Silver Peak Wilderness

Virginia City :- & The Silver Region Of The Comstock Lode
by Douglas McDonald


Chinese Export Silver :- Seventeen Eighty-Five To Eighteen Eighty-Five
by H Forbes

The Shah's Silk For Europe's Silver :- The Eurasian Trade Of The Julfan Armenians In Safavid Iran & India - 1530-1750
by Ina McCabe

The Silver River :- South Asia


19th Century Australian Silver :-
by J Hawkins

Australian Colonial Fine Arts :- Paintings, Furniture & Silver

Australian Gold & Silver 1851-1900 :-

Australian Silver, 1800-1900 :-

Built On Silver :- A History Of Broken Hill South
by Brian Carroll

One Hundred Years Of Australian Paintings :- 1880-1980 - Tom Silver Fine Art

Silver & Grey :- Fifty Years Of Australian Photography, 1900-1950

Silver Threads & Golden Needles :- The Early History Of Silver Creek, Beechworth
by M Shennan

Silver, Sin & Sixpenny Ale :- A Social History Of Broken Hill, 1883-1921
by Brian Kennedy

To Broken Hill & Back :-
by Ward McNally

Wangaratta, 1959-1984 :- A Silver City
by Bill Callaghan


Silver Anthology Of Canadian Fiction :-
by Geoff Hancock

Silver Highway :- A Celebration Of The Trans-Canada Highway
by Wes Rataushk

Silver Islet - Striking It Rich In Lake Superior :-
by Elinor Barr

The Killing Of Jack Little :- Lawman, Silver City, Alberta 1841-1881
by KB Sambrano

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