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50 Years On 57th Street :- An Exhibition Of English, Irish & American Silver Purchased & Sold By Our Firm Over The Last Fifty Years

A Silver Casket & Strainer :- From The Walbrook Mithraeum In The City Of London
by J Toynbee

American Silver :- Garvan & Other Collections In The Yale University Art Gallery
by Kathryn Buhler

American Silver :- From The Kossack Collection
by David Barquist

American Silver In Yale University Art Gallery :- Garvan & The Collection
by Kathryn Buhler

American Silver, 1655-1825 :- In The Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston
by Kathryn Buhler

American Silver, Sixteen Seventy To Eighteen Thirty :- The Cornelius Moore Collection At Providence College
by Alice Hauck

Ancient Iranian Metalwork :- In The Arthur Sackler Gallery & The Freer Gallery Of Art
by Ann Gunter

Bayou Bend :- American Furniture, Paintings & Silver From The Bayou Bend Collection
by David B Warren

British Silver In The Huntington Collection :-
by Robert Wark

Catalogue Of American Silver :- The Cleveland Museum Of Art
by Phillip Johnston

Catalogue Of An Exhibition Of Silver :- Used In New York, New Jersey & The South

Crowning Glory :- Silver Torah Ornaments Of The Jewish Museum, New York
by Rafi Grafman

English & Other Silver :- In The Irwin Untermyer Collection
by Yvonne Hackenbroch

English Silver :- Masterpieces By Omar Ramsden From The Campbell Collection
by Lynn Roberts

English Silver In The Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston :- Catalogue

English Silver In The Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston :- Silver Before 1697
by Ellenor Alcorn

English, Irish & Scottish Silver :- At The Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute
by Beth Wees

European Silver :- The Thyssen Bornemisza Collection
by Hannelore Muller

Exhibition Of Early New York Silver :-
by Louis Avery

Gilbert Collection Of Gold & Silver :-

Highlights Of The Silver In The Utermyer Collection :- Of English & Continental Decorative
by Harry Abrams

London Silver, 1680-1780 :- Museum Of London Treasury Exhibition

Mexicaans Zilver Mexican Silver :- Museum Voor Sierkunst

Monumental Silver :- Selections From The Gilbert Collection

Presentation Pieces & Trophies :- From The Henry Birks Collection Of Canadian Silver
by Ross Fox

Sculpture In Silver :- Art Of The Future From The Harmsen Collection
by William Harmsen

Silver Bindings From The Cornelius Hauck Collection :- At The Cincinnati Historical Society
by Miriam Irwin

Silver From The Collection :- Of The Birmingham Museum Of Art, Birmingham, Alabama

Silver In American Life :- Selections From The Mabel Brady Garvan & Other Collections At Yale University
by Barbara Ward

Silver In Maryland :- Catalogue & Exhibition
by Jennifer Goldsborough

Silver Studio Collection :- A London Design Studio, 1880-1963

Southwest Indian Silver :- From The Doneghy Collection
by Louise Lincoln

The Armoury In The Moscow Kremlin :- Arms & Armour, Russian Gold & Silver, Western European Silver, Imperial Regalia, Embroidery & Garments
by Liudmila Kharlamova

The Art Of The European Goldsmith :- Silver From The Schroder Collection
by Timothy Schroder

The Baruch Collection :- The Bernard M. & Annie Griffen Baruch Silver Collection
by Catherine Horne

The Brading Collection :-

The Colman Collection :- Of Silver Mustard Pots

The Dr Kurt Ticher Donation Of Irish Silver :- To The National Museum Of Ireland

The Francis Fowler Collection Of Silver :-
by Timothy Schroder

The Huguenot Legacy :- English Silver 1680-1760 From The Alan & Simone Hartman Collection
by Christopher Hartop

The Mildenhall Treasure :- Roman Silver From East Anglia
by K Painter

The Posters Of Paris, 1880-1900 :- The Terry & Louis Silver Collection
by Kurt Wagner

The Queen's Silver Jubilee Art Collection :- A Selection Of Contemporary Ontario Art

The Silver Canvas :- Daguerreotypes Masterpieces From The Paul Getty Museum
by Paul Getty Museum

The Silver Collection :- Trinity College Dublin

The Triumph Of Simplicity :- 350 Years Of Swedish Silver - An Exhibition From National Museum

Treasures For The Table :- Silver From The Chrysler Museum
by Mark A Clark

Waldron Phoenix Belknap Collection :- Of Portraits & Silver
by John Phillips

White Metal Universe :- Navajo Silver From The Fred Harvey Collection
by Jernigan Witherspoon

Wrightsman Collection :- Volumes 3 & 4 - Furniture, Snuffboxes, Silver, Porcelain
by Carl Dauterman

Wrightsman Collection :- Furniture, Snuffboxes, Silver, Porcelain
by Carl Dauterman

York Silver, 1475-1858 :- A Short History Of York Silver, Together With An Illustrated Catalogue Of The William Lee Collection
by William Lee


A Silver Collectors Glossary :- & A List Of Early American Silversmiths & Their Marks
by Hollis French

American Silversmith & Their Marks IV :-
by Stphen Ensko

American Silversmiths & Their Marks :- The Definitive
by Stephen Ensko

Antique Silver Hallmarks :-
by Charles Korman

Book Of Silver :- Flatware Silver Marks & Patterns
by Scott Martin

Discovering Hallmarks On English Silver :-
by John Bly

English Silver Hall-marks :- With Lists Of English, Scottish & Irish Hall-marks & Makers Marks
by Judith Banister

English Silver Hallmarks :-
by Judith Banister

Guide To Marks On Early Canadian Silver :- 18th & 19th Centuries
by John Langdon

Guide To Russian Silver Hallmarks :-
by Paul Paulson

Hopi Silver :- The History & Hallmarks Of Hope Silversmithing
by Margaret Wright

Indian Colonial Silver :- European Silversmiths In India, 1790-1860 & Their Marks
by Wynyard Wilkinson

International Hallmarks On Silver :- Collected By Tardy
by Tardy

Jackson's Hallmarks :-
by Ian Pickford

Kovels' American Silver Marks :- 1650 To The Present
by Ralph Kovel

Miller's Silver & Sheffield Plate Marks :- Including A Guide To Makers & Styles
by John Bly

Old French Silver Marks :-
by W Cripps

Silver - A Practical Guide To Collecting Silverware :- & Identifying Hallmarks
by Joel Langford

Silver Marks Of The World :-
by Jan Divis

Three Centuries Of French Domestic Silver :- Its Makers & Its Marks
by Faith Dennis

Trademarks On Base-metal Tableware :- Late 18th Century To Circa 1900 - Including Marks
by Eileen Woodhead

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