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A Quarter Century Of Ifip :- The Ifip Silver Summary
by Heinz Zemanek

Dead Man In The Silver Market :-
by Aubrey Menen

From This Mountain :- Cerro Gordo
by Robert Likes

Gold, Silver & Uranium :- From Seas & Oceans

History Of Silver :-
by Claude Blair

Lacquer & Silver :- Oriental Elegance For Western Tables
by Fumi Kimura

Metalwares Price Guide :- Including Silver, Brass, Copper, Pewter & More
by Marilyn Dragowick

Precious Metals In The Later Medieval :- & Early Modern Worlds
by John Richards

Prelude To Populism :- Origins Of The Silver Issue, 1867-1878
by Allen Weinstein

Pure Silver :- The Second Best Of Everything
by David Reid

Rails Of The Silver Gate :- The Spreckels San Diego Empire
by Richard Dodge

Selling The Family Silver :- Has Privatization Worked?
by Colin Chapman

Silver :-
by Sara Chase

Silver & Spice :-
by Jeanne Grant

Silver & Steel :-
by Susan Amarillas

Silver - Its History & Romance :-
by Benjamin White

Silver - Spotlight On Resources :-
by G Rickard

Silver - The Restless Metal :-
by Roy Jastram

Silver By The Ton :- The History Of Ilford Limited, 1879-1979
by R Hercock

Silver In The Fur Trade :- 1680-1820
by Martha Hamilton

Silver Secrets :-

Silver Sinners & Saints :- A History Of Old Silver Reef
by Paul Proctor

Silver Toys & Miniatures :-
by Miranda Poliakoff

The Commonwealth Of Both Nations :- The Silver Age
by Pawel Jasienica

The History Of Silver :-

The Observer's Book Of Silver :-
by Elizabeth DeCastres

The Politics Of Trade In Safavid Iran :- Silk For Silver, 1600-1730
by Rudolph Matthee

The Silver Metal Lover :-
by Tanith Lee

The Silver Situation In The United States :-
by F Taussig

The Thirty Years' War On Silver :-
by Adolphus Fitzgerald

The Untamed Years :- Wild Silver
by Iris Johansen

Working With Copper, Silver & Enamel :-
by Jan Sjeoberg

World Silver Survey 1950-1990 :-

World Silver Survey 1991 :-
by Jeff Christian

World Silver Survey 1993 :-

World Silver Survey 1994 :-
by Cpm Group


Austin & The Reese River Mining District :- Nevada's Forgotten Frontier
by Donald Abbe

British Capital :- & The Mexican Silver Mining Industry, 1820-1850
by Tom Cassidy

Cobalt - Year Of The Strike :- 1919
by Brian Hogan

Coercion & Market :- Silver Mining In Colonial Potosi, 1692-1826
by Enrique Tandeter

Colorado, Its Gold & Silver Mines :- Farms & Stock Ranges & Health & Pleasure Resorts - Tourist's Guide To The Rocky Mountains
by Frank Fossett

Confessions Of A Cornish Miner :- Silver Islet 1870-1884
by James Strathbogey

Guide To The Georgetown :- Silver Plume Historic District
by Walter Borneman

Heroes, Badmen & Honest Miners :- Joe Goodman's Tales Of The Comstock Lode
by Joseph Goodman

Miners :-

Miners Of The Red Mountain :- Indian Labor In Potosi, 1545-1650
by Peter Bakewell

Mines Of Silver Peak Range, :- Kawich Range & Other Southern Nevada Districts
by S Ball

Mining The Silver Lining :- Taking Triumph From Tragedy
by Billy Branson

Pegasus - Santiago's Silver Mine Unit Guide :-

Pigs & Ingots :- The Lead - Silver Mines Of Cardiganshire
by Tina Carr

Santiago's Silver Mine :-
by Eleanor Clymer

Silver Mines & Silver Miners :- In Colonial Peru, 1776-1824
by John Fisher

Silver Mining & Society :- In Colonial Mexico, Zacatecas, 1546-1700
by P Bakewell

Silver Strike :- The True Story Of Silver Mining In The Coeur D'Alenes
by William Stoll

Studies On The Ancient Silver Mines At Laurion :-
by Dionysios Kounas

Sunny Corner :- A Silver Town Of The 1880s
by Vicki Powys

The Bewitchment Of Silver :- The Social Economy Of Mining In Nineteenth-Century Peru
by Jose Deustua

The Georgetown Loop :- A Capsule History & Guide - Georgetown Loop Historic Mining & Railroad Park

The Making Of A Strike :- Mexican Silver Workers' Struggles In Real Del Monte, 1766-1775
by Doris Ladd

The Search For Silver :- Cornish Miners In Mexico, 1824-1947
by A Todd

The Sunshine Mine Disaster :-
by James Brock

Totley - A Study Of The Silver Mines :- At One Mile, Ravenswood District
by K Kennedy

Your World :- Let's Visit A Silver Company
by Billy Pope


A Procedure To Lower The Limits Of Detection For Silver :- Cadmium & Lead In The Analysis Of Geological Materials By Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
by G Hall

Advanced Triaxial Testing Of Soil & Rock :-
by Robert Donaghe

An Outline Of Tectonic, Igneous & Metamorphic Events :- In The Goshute-Toano Range Between Silver Zone Pass & White Horse Pass, Elko County, Nevada
by Keith Ketner

Chronology Of Late Cretaceous Igneous & Hydrothermal Events :- At The Golden Sunlight Gold-Silver Breccia Pipe, Southwestern Montana
by Ed Dewitt

Controlling Silver Discharges In Wastewater :-
by Pollution Prevention Committee

Copper & Silver Halates :-
by Hiroshi Miyamoto

Copper, Silver, Brass & Glass :-
by Susan Jenkins

Corrosion Testing & Evaluation :- Silver Anniversary Volume
by Robert Baboian

English Provincial Silver :- An Account Of Old Country Silver With Sections On Ireland, Scotland & Wales
by Margaret Holland

Essential Subtleties On The Silver Sea :- The Yin-Hai Jing-Wei - A Chinese Classic On Ophthalmology
by Ssu-Miao Sun

Geochemical Signatures Of Silver & Gold Deposits :- Tonopah 1P0s X 2P0s Quadrangle, Nevada - Description & Applications To Exploration
by J Nash

Geology & Geochemistry Of Tertiary Volcanic Host Rocks :- Sleeper Gold-Silver Deposit, Humboldt County, Nevada
by J Nash

Hardening Semiconductor Components :- Against Radiation & Temperature
by William Dawes

How To Recover Silver From Your Fixer :-
by Mark Baczynsky

Lead Tin Telluride :- Silver Halides & Czochralski Growth

Microorganisms & Metal Recovery :-
by O Tuovinen

Operational Procedures - Inspection & Quality Control :- Of First Generation Silver Gelatin Microfilm Of Documents

Origin Of Silver-Copper-Lead Deposits :- In Red-Bed Sequences Of Trans-Pecos Texas - Tertiary Mineralization In Precambrian, Permian & Cretaceous
by Jonathan Price

Proceedings Of The International Study Conference :- On The Current & Future Problems Of Acridology, London, United Kingdom, 6-16 July 1

Prospecting Our Past :- Gold, Silver & Tungsten Mills Of Boulder County
by Harrison Cobb

Pseudomonas :- Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
by Enrica Galli

Recommended Practice For Inspection :- Of Stored Silver-Gelatin Microforms For Evidence Of Deterioration

Silver :- Azide, Cyanamides, Cyanate, Selenocyante & Thiocyanate
by M Salomon

Silver & Silver Alloys :- To Sulfolanes & Sulfones
by M Grayson

Silver-Zinc Battery :- Best Practices, Facts & Reflections
by Albert Himy

Silver-Zinc Battery :- Phenomena & Design Principles
by Albert Himy

The Assay Office & Silversmiths Of York :- 1776-1858
by Martin Gubbins

The Discovery Of Glass :- Experiments In The Smelting Of Rich, Dry Silver Ores & The Reproduction Of Bronze Age-type Cobalt Blue Glass As A Slag
by John Dayton

Thin Layer Chromatography :- Of Fluorescent Phenolic Compounds In Needles
by Uwe Kaufmann

Zinc Silver Oxide Batteries :- Symposium on Zinc-Silver Oxide Batteries
by Fleischer


Applications Of Biomaterials In Facial Plastic Surgery :-
by Alvin Glasgold

Candida, Silver :- Mercury Fillings & The Immune System
by Betsy Russell-Manning

Diagnostic Criteria For Cardiovascular Pathology :- Acquired Diseases
by Sherman Bloom

Heavy Metals In The Brain :- A Light Microscope Study Of The Rat With Timm's Sulphide Silver Method. Methodological Considerations & Cytological & Regional Staining Patterns
by Finn-Mogens

How Safe Are Silver :- Mercury Fillings - Hidden Health Facts
by Betsy Russell-Manning

Immunogold-Silver Staining :- Principles, Methods & Applications
by M Hayat

Infertility & Birth Defects :- Is Mercury From Silver Dental Fillings An Unsuspected Cause
by Sam Ziff

Mercury-Free :- The Wisdom Behind The Global Consumer Movement To Ban 'Silver' Dental Fillings
by James Hardy

Silver & Other Colloidal Minerals :-
by Alexander Schauss

Silver Amalgram In Clinical Practice :- Dental Handbook
by ID Gainsford

Silver Dental Fillings :- The Toxic Timebomb
by Sam Ziff

Silver Recovery For Hospitals :-
by American Society For Hospital Engineering

Sudden Death In Ischemic Heart Disease :- An Alternative View On The Significance Of Morphologic Findings
by Giorgio Baroldi

Sulphide Silver Pattern :- & Cytoarchitectonics Of Parahippocampal Areas In The Rat - Special Reference To The Subdivision Of Area Entorhinalis & Its Demarcation From The Pyriform Cortex
by Finn-Mogens

The Complete Guide To Mercury Toxicity From Silver Fillings :- How To Find Out Your Silver Dental Fillings Are Poisoning You & What You Can Do About It
by Joyal Taylor

The Mercury In Your Mouth :- The Truth About 'Silver' Dental Fillings
by QuickSilver Associates

The Wonders Of Colloidal Silver :-
by Dhyana Coburn


Asmp Book 5 - The Silver Book :- Professional Photography Annual

Introduction To Photographic Theory :- The Silver Halide Process
by Burt Carroll

Non-Silver Photographic Processes :- Proceedings Of The Symposium On Non-Silver Photographic Processes Held At New College, Oxford, Sept

Photographic Sensitivity :- Theory & Mechanisms
by Tadaaki Tani

Photographic Silver Halide :- Diffusion Processes
by Andrâe Rott

Recovering Silver From Photographic Materials :-
by Eastman Kodak Company

Silver Gelatin :- A User's Guide To Liquid Photographic Emulsions
by Sarah Jones

Silver-Halide Recording Materials :- For Holography & Their Processing
by Hans Bjelkhagen

The Gum Bichromate Book :- Non-Silver Methods For Photographic Printmaking
by David Scopick

The Physics Of Latent Image Formation In Silver Halides :-
by W Baldereschi

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