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A Guide To Collectible Jukeboxes :- From The Gold & Silver Eras 1936 - To 1962
by Ben Humphries

A Sprinkling Of Gold :- The Lacquer Box Collection Of Elaine Ehrenkranz
by Barbra Okada

An Illustrated History Of English Plate :- Ecclesiastical & Secular, In Which The Development Of Form & Decoration In The Silver & Gold Work Of The British Isles, From The Earliest Known Examples To The Latest Of The Georgian Period
by Charles Jackson

Ancient Gold Jewelry :- At The Dallas Museum Of Art
by Barbara Deppert-Lippitz

Ancient Greek & Roman Gold Jewelry :- In The Brooklyn Museum
by Patricia Davidson

Antique Gold & Enamelware In Color :-
by Howard Ricketts

Blue Gold :- The Turquoise Story
by Broman

Bradbury's Book Of Hallmarks :- 1987 - A Guide To Marks Of Origin On British & Irish Silver, Gold, Platinum & On Foreign Imported Silver & Gold
by Frederick Bradbury

British & Irish Silver Assay Office Marks :- 1544-1968, With Notes On Gold Markings & Marks On Foreign Imported Silver & Gold Plate - & Old Sheffield Plate Makers' Marks, 1743-1860
by Frederick Bradbury

Chinese Gold, Silver & Porcelain :- The Kempe Collection
by Bo Gyllensvard

Eighteenth Century Gold Boxes Of Europe :-
by A Snowman

Eighteenth Century Gold Boxes Of Paris :-
by A Snowman

French Gold Boxes :-

Gilbert Collection Of Gold & Silver :-
by Timothy Schroder

Gold & Silver Palates :- Telephone Pioneers Of America

Gold Boxes :-
by Serge Grandjean

Gold Boxes :- From The Collection Of Rosalinde & Arthur Gilbert
by Geza von Habsburg

Gold Boxes :- The Wrightsman Collection
by Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Gold For The Gods :- A Catalogue To An Exhibition Of Pre-Inca & Inca Gold & Artifacts From Peru
by A Tushingham

Gold Of Greece :- Jewelry & Ornaments From The Benaki Museum
by Robert Rozelle

Gold Of The Tsars :- 100 Masterpieces Of Goldsmith's Art Of The Hermitage
by Olga Kostjuk

Gold-Lined Box :-
by Majory Hall

Guide To Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects :- For Appraisers, Collectors, Dealers
by Scott Martin

Gum San, Gold Mountain :- Images Of Gold Mountain, 1886-1947 - March 30 To June 16, 1985, Vancouver Art Gallery

Hallmarks & Date Letters :- On Gold & Silver
by Eric Bruton

Hallmarks & Date Letters :- On Silver, Gold & Platinum
by Eric Bruton

Handbook Of Ornaments In Color :- One Hundred Color Plates Highlighted With Gold & Silver
by Albert Auguste

How To Gold Leaf Antiques :- & Other Art Objects
by Donald Chambers

Hungarian Silver :- The Nicolas Salgo Collection
by Judit Kolba

Irish University Press Series :- Of British Parliamentary Papers Trade & Industry - Silver & Gold Wares

Islamic Metalwork :- The Nuhad Es-Said Collection
by James Allan

Jackson's Silver & Gold Marks :- Of England, Scotland & Ireland
by Ian Pickford

London Goldsmiths 1667-1837 :- Their Marks & Lives From The Original Registers At Goldsmiths' Hall & Other Sources
by Arthur Grimwade

Lovedale Press Collection :- R Shepherd Papers - Gold Fields Collection

Masterpieces From The House Of Faberge :-
by A von Solodkoff

Pocket Edition Jackson's Hallmarks :- English, Scottish, Irish Silver & Gold Marks From 1300 To Present Day
by Ian Pickford

Power & Gold :- Jewelry From Indonesia, Malaysia & The Philippines, From The Collection Of The Barbier-Mueller Museum, Geneva
by Musee Barbier-Mulle

Quest For The Gold Plates :- Thomas Stuart Ferguson's Archaeological Search For The Book Of Mormon
by Stan Larson

Rarer Gifts Than Gold :- Fourteenth-century Art In Scottish Collections - The Burrell Collection, Glasgow Museums & Art Galleries, Pollock Country Park, Glasgow, 28 April-26 June, 1988

Renaissance Jewels, Gold Boxes :- & Objets De Vertu - From The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
by Anna Cocks

Roses, Fountains & Gold :- The Virgin Mary In History, Art & Apparition
by John Martin

Russian Gold & Silverwork :- 17Th-19th Century
by Alexander Solodkoff

Salts Of Silver, Toned With Gold :- The Harrison Horblit Collection Of Early Photography
by Anne Anninger

Sawasa - Japanese Export Art :- In Black & Gold 1650-1800

Secret Visions Of The Fifth Dalai Lama :- The Gold Manuscript In The Fournier Collection Musee Guimet, Paris
by Samten Karmay

Seven Matched Hollow Gold Jaguars :- From Peru's Early Horizon
by Heather Lechtman

Sweat Of The Sun & Tears Of The Moon :- Gold & Emerald Treasures Of Colombia

Sweat Of The Sun & Tears Of The Moon :- Gold & Silver In Pre-Columbian Art
by Andre Emmerich

The Collector's Dictionary :- Of The Silver & Gold Of Great Britain & North America
by Michael Clayton

The Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs :-
by Tatiana Faberge

The Gilbert Collection Of Gold Boxes :-
by Charles Truman

The Gold Book :- Classics & Antiques 1897-1942
by John Apen

The Gold Seals :- Of The Vatican Secret Archives
by Aldo Martini

The Goldsmith's Art :- From Antiquity To The Present 5,000 Years Of Jewelry, Utensil & Vessel Design
by Hermann Schadt

The Jetavanaaraama Gold Plates :-

The Pleasure Of Antiques :- Gold & Silver, Glass & Furniture, Pottery & Porcelain, Clocks & Watches
by J Wardell-Yerburgh

Those Gold Plates! :-
by Mark Petersen

Tomart's Price Guide To Garage Sale Gold :- Leading Experts Pick The Most Valuable Collectibles
by Bob Welbaum

Tractatus Garsiae :- Or The Translation Of The Relics Of SS Gold & Silver
by Garsias

Vapheio Cups :- & Aegean Gold & Silver Ware
by Ellen Davis

Vessels Of Gold & Silver :-
by Virginia Dailey

Viennese Gold & Silversmiths :- & Their Marks, 1781-1866
by Waltraud Neuwirth


Chaffers Handbook To Hallmarks :- On Gold & Silver Plates
by William Chaffers

Concise Hallmarks On Gold :-
by William Chaffers

Concise Hallmarks On Gold & Silver :-
by William Chaffers

Handbook To Hallmarks :- On Gold & Silver Plate Of Great Britain & Ireland, With Tables Of The Annual Date Letters Employed In The Assay Offices
by William Chaffers

Handbook To Hallmarks :- On Gold & Silver Of Great Britain & Ireland - With Tables Of The Annual Date Letters Employed In The Assay Offices
by William Chaffers


Apache Gold & Yaqui Silver :-
by Lawrence Kusche

Gilding & Lacquering :- How To Apply Gold Leaf & Lacquer To Create Beautiful Household Objects-12 Projects
by Rodrigo Titan

Gold Jewelery & Ornaments :- In The Collection Of Muzium Negara, Malaysia

Gold Jewelry :- Craft Style & Meaning From Mycenae To Constantinople
by Tony Hackens

Gold Jewelry & Ornaments Of Malaysia :-

Gold Jewelry From Tibet & Nepal :-
by Jane Singer

Gold Leaf Techniques :-
by Raymond Leblanc

Gold Leaf Techniques :-
by Kent Smith

Greek Gold :- Jewelry Of The Classical World
by Dyfri Williams

Secreta :- Three Methods Of Laying Gold Leaf
by Joyce Grafe

The Directory Of Gold & Silversmiths :- Jewellers & Allied Traders, 1838-1914 - From The London Assay Office Registers
by John Culme

The Glitter & The Gold :- Fashioning America's Jewelry
by Ulysses Dietz

The Gold Jewelry Buying Guide :-
by Renee Newman

The Goldsmith's & Silversmith's Handbook :- A Practical Manual For All Workers In Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium
by William Staton-Bevan

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