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A History Of Gold & Money :- 1450-1920
by Pierre Vilar

A Primer On Money :- Banking & Gold
by Peter Bernstein

A Retrospective :- On The Classical Gold Standard, 1821-1931
by Anna Schwartz

Alternative Monetary Regimes :-
by Colin Campbell

American Political Economy :- Including Strictures On The Management Of The Currency & The Finances Since 1861, With A Chart Showing The Fluctuations In The Price Of Gold
by Francis Bowen

Banking In The American West :- From The Gold Rush To Deregulation
by Lynne Doti

Banking Under Difficulties :-
by George Preshaw

Between The Dollar-Sterling Gold Points :- Exchange Rates, Parity & Market Behavior
by Lawrence Officer

British International Gold Movements :- & Banking Policy, 1881-1913
by Walter Beach

British Parliamentary Reports :- On International Finance - The Cunliffe Committee & The Macmillan Committee Reports

Business Annals :- Gold Money Inflation & Deflation
by William Thorp

Canada & The Gold Standard :- Balance-Of-Payments Adjustment, 1871-1913
by Trevor Dick

Case For Gold :- A Minority Report Of The United State Gold Commission
by Ron Paul

Chronicon-Preciosum :- Or, An Account Of English Gold & Silver Money, The Price Of Corn & Other Commodities & Of Stipends, Salaries, Wages, Jointures, Portions, Day-labour
by William Fleetwood

Closing The Gold Window :- Domestic Politics & The End Of Bretton Woods
by Joanne Gowa

Commodity Monies :-
by Anne Schwartz

Currency Convertibility :- The Gold Standard & Beyond
by Jorge de MacEdo

Current Problems Of Monetary Policy :- Would The Gold Standard Help
by Phillip Cagan

Economic Trends In Canadian Gold Supply :-
by Michael Doggett

Economics - The American Economy :- From A Christian Perspective
by Tom Rose

Economics Of A Pure Gold Standard :-
by Mark Skousen

Economist On Wall Street :- Notes On The Sanctity Of Gold, The Value Of Money, The Security Of Investments & Other Delusions
by Peter Bernstein

England & The New Gold Standard :- 1919-1926
by William Brown

English Theories Of Central Banking Control :- 1819-1858
by Elmer Wood

European Monetary Union :- Lessons From The Classical Gold Standard
by M Panic

Exchange Rate Targets :- & Currency Bands
by Paul Krugman

Facts On File Yearbook :- Truman Administration & The Growth Of The Gold War

Father Coughlin On Money & Gold :-
by Coughlin

Federal Reserve Conspiracy :- & The Rockefeller - Their Gold Corner
by Emanull Josephson

For The Sake Of Freedom & Prosperity :- Philip McKenna & The Gold Standard League
by Gary Quinlivan

Globalizing Capital :- A History Of The International Monetary System
by Barry Eichengreen

Gold & Monetary Stabilization :- Harris Foundation Lectures, 1932
by Q Wright

Gold & The Dollar Crisis :-
by Robert Triffin

Gold & The Gold Standard :-
by Edwin Kemmerer

Gold - Swiss Banks :- & The World Monetary Catastrophe
by Michael Mortensen

Gold Standard & Its Future :-
by Theodore Gregory

Gold Standard 1880-1914 :- Britain & Argentina
by G Ford

Gold, Prices & Wages :- With An Examination Of The Quantity Theory
by J Hobson

Gold, Prices & Wages :- Under The Greenback Standard
by Wesley Mitchell

Gold, The Dollar :- & The European Currency System - The Seven Year Monetary War
by Rainer Hellmann

Golden Fetters :- The Gold Standard & The Great Depression, 1919-1939
by Barry Eichengreen

Good Money :- The Standard
by Friedrich Hayek

Good Money :- The New World
by Friedrich Hayek

Graybacks & Gold :- Confederate Monetary Policy
by James Morgan

How Credit-Money Shapes The Economy :- The United States In A Global System
by Robert Guttmann

Instruments Of Money Market :- & Foreign Exchange Market Policy In The Netherlands
by Emile Dunnen

Interim Report Of The Gold Delegation :- & Report Of The Gold Delegation, League Of Nations

International Gold Standard :- Reinterpreted 1914-1934
by William Brown

International Monetary Issues :-
by Charles Whittlesey

International Monetary Systems :- In Historical Perspective

International Payments, Debts & Gold :- Collected Essays
by Fritz MacHlup

Key Currencies & Gold 1900-1913 :-
by Peter Lindert

Modern Perspectives On The Gold Standard :-
by Tamim Bayoumi

Monetary Maze :- Gold, The International Monetary System & The Emerging World Economy
by William Kinney

Monetary Policy :- Under The International Gold Standard 1880-1914
by Arthur Bloomfield

Monetary Problems Of An Entrepot :- The Hong Kong Experience
by C Tom

Monetary Reform & The Price Of Gold :- Alternative Approaches
by Randall Hinshaw

Monetary Regime Transformations :-
by Barry Eichengreen

Monetary Regimes In Transition :-
by Michael Bordo

Monetary Standards & Exchange Rates :-
by Maria Marcuzzo

Monetary Standards In The Periphery :- Paper, Silver & Gold, 1854-1933
by Pablo Acena

Money & Empire :- The International Gold Standard, 1890-1914
by Marcello De Cecco

Money & The Mechanism Of Exchange :-
by William Jevons

New International Monetary Developments :- & The Approaching Collapse In The Price Of Gold
by David Horton

One Hundred Percent Gold Standard :- Economics Of A Pure Money Commodity
by Mark Skousen

Operation Fish :- The Race To Save Europe's Wealth, 1939-1945
by Alfred Draper

Precious Metals :- & The Economic Future Of Mankind
by John Hawley

Real Money :- The Case Of The Gold Standard
by Lewis Lehrman

Report From The Select Committee :- On The High Price Of Gold Bullion - 8 June 1810

Report On The Adoption :- Of The Gold Standard In Japan

Ricardo & The Gold Standard :- The Foundations Of The International Monetary Order
by Maria Marcuzzo

Seasonal Movements Of Exchange Rates :- & Interest Rates Under The Pre-World War I Gold Standard
by Ellen Foster

Several Assertions Proved :- In Order To Create Another Species Of Money Than Gold & Silver
by John Asgill

Silver, Gold & The Approaching Revolution :- In The International Monetary Order
by Carlo Flumiani

Social Change & The Growth :- Of British Power In The Gold Coast - The Fante States 1807-1874
by Mary McCarthy

Some Monetary Problems :- International & National
by Per Jacobsson

The Age Of Inflation :-
by Jacques Rueff

The Anatomy Of An International Monetary Regime :- The Classical Gold Standard, 1880-1914
by Giulio Gallarotti

The Approaching Silver :- & Gold Revolution In The International Monetary Order
by Carlo Flumiani

The Battle For Britain's Gold Standard In 1931 :-
by Diane Kunz

The Collected Writings Of John Maynard Keynes :- Activities 1922 1929 - Return To Gold & Industrial Policy
by John Keynes

The Cross Of Gold :- Money & The Canadian Business Cycle, 1867-1913
by Georg Rich

The Dethronement Of Gold :- Towards A New Image Of Currencies
by Samuel Scheps

The Dynamics Of US Capitalism :- Corporate Structure, Inflation, Credit, Gold & The Dollar
by Paul Sweezy

The Economics Of A Pure Gold Standard :-

The Fateful Subversion Of The American Economy :- Consequent On The Gold - dollar, Trade - economic & Tax Crises
by Frederick Huntington-Vigman

The Gold Problem :- Economic Perspectives
by Alberto Quadrio-Curzio

The Gold Standard :- & The Logic Of Naturalism - American Literature At The Turn Of The Century
by Walter Michaels

The Gold Standard :- & The International Monetary System, 1900-1939
by Ian Drummond

The Gold Standard :- An Austrian Perspective
by Llewellyn Rockwell

The Gold Standard & Related Regimes :- Collected Essays
by Michael Bordo

The Gold Standard In Theory & History :-
by Barry Eichengreen

The Gold Standard In Theory & Practice :-
by Ralph George

The Gold Thread :- Ezra Pound's Principles Of Good Government & Sound Money
by Robert Luongo

The Gold War :- The Story Of The World's Monetary Crisis
by Gordon Weil

The Gyrations Of The Dollar :- & The Deceit Of Gold
by Carlo Flumiani

The International Adjustment Mechanism :- From The Gold Standard To The Ems
by Leonard Gomes

The International Gold Standard :- Money & Empire
by Marcello De Cecco

The International Monetary System :- Efficiency & Practical Alternatives
by Herbert Grubel

The Monetary Problem, Gold & Silver :- Final Report Of The Royal Commission Appointed To Inquire Into The Recent Changes In The Relative Values Of The Precious Metals, Presented To Both Houses Of Parliament, 1888

The Netherlands & The Gold Standard :- 1931-1936 - A Study In Policy Formation & Policy
by Richard Griffiths

The Quest For World Monetary Order :- The Gold-Dollar System & Its Aftermath
by Milton Gilbert

The Return To Gold, 1925 :- The Formulation Of Economic Policy & Its Critics
by D Moggridge

The Structure & Operation :- Of The World Gold Market
by Gary O'Callaghan

Towards A Stable Monetary Policy :- Monetarism vs The Gold Standard
by Allan Meltzer

Trade & Economic Change :- On The Gold Coast, 1807-1874
by Edward Reynolds

Where Did We Go Wrong? :- From The Gold Standard To Europe
by Eric Roll

Why Gold? :- The One Sure Cure For Inflation & Economic Tyranny
by Leslie Snyder

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