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Silver Queen :- The Fabulous Story Of Baby Doe Tabor
by Caroline Bancroft

Silver Rights :-
by Constance Curry

Silver River Ranch :-
by Leslie Scott

Silver Rose - A Novel :-
by David Kaufelt

Silver Saddles :-
by Cap Iversen

Silver Sands :-
by Robin Elliott

Silver Screams :- Murder Goes Hollywood
by Cynthia Manson

Silver Sea :-
by Emma Merritt

Silver Season :-
by Diane Carey

Silver Seasons :- The Story Of The Rochester Red Wings
by Jim Mandelaro

Silver Secrets :-
by Stephen Roos

Silver Seduction :-
by Sandra Donovan

Silver Shadows :-
by Elaine Cunningham

Silver Shadows, Golden Dreams :-
by Margaret Pemberton

Silver Skull :- A Novel Of Sorcery
by Les Daniels

Silver Slaughter :-
by Jon Sharpe

Silver Spurs :-
by Beth Cruise

Silver Star :-
by H Riker

Silver Stirrups :-
by Bonnie Bryant

Silver Surfer :-
by Stan Lee

Silver Surfer :-

Silver Thaw :-
by Natalie Bishop

Silver Threads :- A Novel
by Lyn Denison

Silver Town Showdown :-
by Jake Logan

Silver War :-
by J Roberts

Silver Waves :-
by Vella Munn

Silver Web :-
by Jean Nash

Silver Wings :-
by R Montgomery

Silver Wings & Leather Jackets :-
by C Westcott

Silver Zephyr :-
by M Seger

Silver-Tongued Devil :-
by Jennifer Blake

Six Silver Bullets :-
by George Flynn

Slocum & The Silver Ranch Fight :-
by Jake Logan

Something Silver, Something Blue :-
by Robert Roennfeldt

Still More Emanations Of Silver Islet :-
by Bill MacDonald

Stories Of Sherlock Holmes :- Silver Blaze
by Arthur Doyle

Streams Of Silver :-
by R Salvatore

Sunlight & Silver :-
by Kelly Adams

Tales From Silver Lands :-
by Charles Finger

Tell Us, Jerry Silver :- A Novel
by Stanley Cohen

The Adventures Of Long John Silver :-
by Denis Judd

The Bit & The Silver Pheasant :-
by J Ballaz

The Case Of The Silver Skull :-
by Scott Corbett

The Chronicles Of Narnia :- The Magician's Nephew/The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe/The Horse & His Boy/Prince Caspian/Voyage Of The Dawn Treader/The Silver Chair/The Last Battle
by C Lewis

The Dark Is Rising Sequence :- Silver On The Tree/the Grey King/Greenwitch/the Dark Is Rising/over Sea, Under Stone/Boxed
by Susan Cooper

The Galactic Silver Star :-
by Kevin Randle

The Hog's Back :- The Story Of The Men Who Made Broken Hill
by Ruth Fischer

The Mystery Of The Silver Dolphin :-
by Elspeth Murphy

The Mystery Of The Silver Spider :-
by Robert Arthur

The Mystery Of The Silver Star :-
by Franklin Dixon

The Mystery Of The Silver Tag :-
by Florence Heide

The Outlaw's Silver :-
by Franklin Dixon

The Quest For The Silver Castle :- Tales Of The King, Book One
by Lela Gilbert

The Quest Of The Silver Fleece :- A Novel
by W Dubois

The Real Long John Silver :- & Other Plays
by Peter Barnes

The Roofing Ceremony :- & The Silver Lake
by August Strindberg

The Scalpel & The Silver Bear :- The First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western Medicine & Traditional Healing
by Lori Alvord

The Search For The Silver Persian :-
by Carolyn Keene

The Secret Of The Silver Dolphin :-
by Carolyn Keene

The Secret Of The Silver Sea :-
by Jenny Reid

The Silver Answer :-
by Margaret Maddocks

The Silver Bird :- A Tale For Those Who Dream
by Joyce Petschek

The Silver Bough :- Scottish Folk-Lore & Folk-Belief
by F McNeill

The Silver Buckle Mystery :-
by Bob Wright

The Silver Bullet :- Jake Gibbs, Patriot Spy
by Jim Defelice

The Silver Bullet :- & Other American Witch Stories
by Middle Vil

The Silver Bullet Affair :-
by Sandra Chastain

The Silver Candelabra & Other Stories :-
by Rita Gardiol

The Silver Castle :- A Novel
by Clive James

The Silver Chalice :- The Bestselling Classic Of The Cup Of The Last Supper
by Thomas Costain

The Silver Chanter :- Traditional Scottish Tales & Legends
by Wendy Wood

The Silver Chariot Killer :-
by Richard Lupoff

The Silver Cobweb :-
by Ben Benson

The Silver Cobweb :-
by Carolyn Keene

The Silver Cowboy :-
by Gene Tuttle

The Silver Crown :- A Fantasy Novel
by Joel Rosenberg

The Silver Crown :-
by William Bridges

The Silver Dandelion :-
by Gill Speirs

The Silver Dolphin :-
by Anne Weale

The Silver Dolphin :-
by Velda Johnston

The Silver Falcon :-
by Evelyn Anthony

The Silver Feather :- A Young Woman Discovers That God Hears The Silent Screams Of Her Heart
by Mae Bachman

The Silver Fountain :-
by Michael Legat

The Silver Foxes Are Dead :- & Other Plays
by Jakov

The Silver Ghost :-
by Charlotte MacLeod

The Silver Glove :-
by Suzy Charnas

The Silver Gryphon :-
by Mercedes Lackey

The Silver Highway :-
by Marian Wells

The Silver Jackass :-
by Frank Gruber

The Silver Key :-

The Silver Leopard :-
by Zoe Cass

The Silver Link :-
by Juliet Gray

The Silver Link :-
by Claire Lorrimer

The Silver Link :-
by Patricia Potter

The Silver Link, The Silken Tie :-
by Lynn Granger

The Silver Locket :- A Charleston Christmas Storybook
by Bruce Smith

The Silver Maria :-
by Jon Sharpe

The Silver Path :-
by Christine Harris

The Silver Pencil :-
by Alice Dalgliesh

The Silver Pillow :- A Tale Of Witchcraft
by Thomas Disch

The Silver Pony :- A Story In Pictures
by Lynd Ward

The Silver Rings & Other Stories :-
by Gershon Kranzler

The Silver Rose Bowl :-
by Cathy Linton

The Silver Shroud :-
by Donna Creekmore

The Silver Spade :- The Conrad Hilton Story
by Whitney Bolton

The Silver Spitfire :-
by R Harvey

The Silver Spur Anthology Of Western Fiction :-
by Edward Gorman

The Silver Stair :-
by Jean Rabe

The Silver Stallion :- A Comedy Of Redemption
by James Cabell

The Silver Stallion :-
by Jake Logan

The Silver Stallion :-
by Ann Sheldon

The Silver Star :-
by Donald Zlotnik

The Silver Star :-
by Gilbert Morris

The Silver Stone :-
by Joel Rosenberg

The Silver Strand :-
by Gimone Hall

The Silver Suspect :-
by Marianne Hering

The Silver Swan :-
by Andrea Parnell

The Silver Swan :-
by Dinah Lampitt

The Silver Sword :-
by Angela Hunt

The Silver Thaw :-
by Betty Neels

The Silver Tombstone :-
by Frank Gruber

The Silver Touch :-
by Rosalind Laker

The Silver Touch :- & Other Family Christmas Stories
by Margret Rettich

The Silver Trail :-
by Ben Bridges

The Silver Wheel :- Women's Myths & Mysteries In The Celtic Tradition
by Marguerite Elsbeth

The Spider :- Reign Of The Silver Terror
by Grant Stockbridge

The Three Investigators :- In The Mystery Of The Silver Spider

The Three Silver Coins :- A Story From Tibet
by Veronica Leo

The Untold Story Of Frankie Silver :- Was She Unjustly Hanged?
by Perry Young

Thirty Pieces Of Silver :-
by Amy Laundrie

When Silver Needles Swam :- The Story Of Tutu's Quilt
by James Rumford

Whistles Of Silver :- & Other Stories
by Helen Eden

White Hats & Silver Spurs :- Interviews With 24 Stars Of Film & Television Westerns Of The Thirties Through The Sixties
by Herb Fagen

Wild Nights, Silver Dreams :-
by Maureen Reynolds

Winning :-
by Beth Kincaid

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