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Bre-X - Gold Today, Gone Tomorrow :-
by James Danielson

Bre-X - The Inside Story :-
by Diane Francis

Consolidated Gold Fields :- A Centenary Portrait
by Paul Johnson

Consolidated Gold Fields :- PLC Partner In Apartheid

Consolidated Gold Fields Limited :- Investigation Under Section 172 Of The Companies Act 1948 - Report
by Bryan James Welch

Consolidated Gold Fields Plc :- Investigation Under Section 442 Of The Companies Act 1985
by Richard Youard

Down Where No Lion Walked :- The Story Of Western Deep Levels
by John Oxley

Good As Gold :- The Rags To Riches Story Of The Gold Brothers
by Ralph Gold

Good As Gold :- The Story Of The Carlson Companies
by Curtis Carlson

The British Enterprise In Brazil :- The St John D'El Rey Mining Company & The Morro Velho Gold Mine, 1830-1960
by Marshall Eakin

Treasure Of Homestake Gold :- The Story Of A Mountain Filled With Gold
by Mildred Fielder

Working The Homestake :-
by Joseph Cash


Archaean Lode Gold Deposits Of Canada :-
by R Kerrich

Archean Lode Gold Deposits In Ontario :-

Bulk-Mineable Gold Resources :-
by Edward Elevatorski

Canadian Reserves :- As Of January 1, 1981 - Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Molybdenum, Silver, Gold
by W Laughlin

Economic Gold Deposits :-

Genesis Of Archean, Volcanic Hosted Gold Deposits :- Symposium Held At The University Of Waterloo

Geology Of Gold Deposits :- Perspective In 1988
by R Keays

Global Exploitation Of Heap Leaching Gold Deposits :- Proceedings Of The Tms Symposium On Global Exploitation Of Heap Leachable Gold Deposits, Orlando,
by Tms Symposium

Gold & Silver Deposits :- In North, South America
by Lindgren

Gold & Silver Handbook :- On Geology Exploration Production Economics Of Large Tonnage Low Grade Deposits
by Stanley Ivosevic

Gold 86 An International Symposium :- On The Geology Of Gold Deposits

Gold Deposits :- Origin, Evolution & Present Characteristics
by J Tatsch

Gold Deposits Guidebook 1986 :-

Gold Deposits Of The Atikokan Area :-
by S Wilkinson

Gold Deposits Of The Stanley Area :-
by Lawrence Dee

Gold Deposits Of The World :- With A Section On Prospecting
by William Emmons

Gold Production & Reserves :- In British Columbia
by T Schroeter

Gold-Silver Bulk-Tonnage Deposits :-

Placer Gold :- Deposits Of Utah
by Mauree Johnson

Spotlight On Gold :- Spotlight On Resources
by K Lye

The Eneasen Au Deposit :- & The Alneo Alkaline Complex

The Origin Of Gold :- In Archaean Epigenetic Gold Deposits
by Michael Meyer

Turbidite-Hosted Gold Deposits :-

Volcanogenic Gold Deposits :-

World Gold :- Mines-Deposits-Discoveries
by Edward Elevatorski

World Gold Deposits :- A Geological Classification
by J Bache

World Gold Resources :- A Review At The End Of The 1980 Decade
by J Handley

World Gold Resources :- A Review Based On Historical Production & New Discoveries
by J Handley


After The Gold Rush :-
by Archie Satterfield

Along The Gold Rush Trail :-
by Gail Kenna

Along The Gold Rush Trail :-
by Mary Brown

Barkerville :- A Gold Rush Experience
by Richard Wright

Barkerville, Quesnel :- & The Cariboo Gold Rush
by Gordon Elliott

Brides Of The Gold Rush :- 1851-1859
by David Comstock

Children Of The Gold Rush :-
by Jane Haigh

Fiddletown :- From Gold Rush To Rediscovery
by Elaine Zorbas

Gold Rush :-
by Russell Wright

Gold Rush :- The Letters Of Thomas Myrick
by Thomas Myrick

Gold Rush :- Letters From The Wolverine Ranges To The Marshall Michigan Statesman 1849-1851

Gold Rush :- A Literary Exploration
by Michael Kowalewski

Gold Rush & Other Stories :- Including The Bukowski - Barfly Narrative
by Gerald Locklin

Gold Rush - Thematic Unit :-
by Nancy Bednar

Gold Rush 2000 :-
by Ed Mitchell

Gold Rush Adventure :-

Gold Rush Adventures :-
by Edith McCall

Gold Rush Country :-
by Sunset Editors

Gold Rush Days :- With Mark Twain
by William Gillis

Gold Rush Eighty :-
by Arthur Stultz

Gold Rush Ghosts :- Strange & Unexplained Phenomena In The Mother Lode
by Nancy Bradley

Gold Rush Revenge :-
by Jess McCreede

Gold Rush Sojourners :- In Great Salt Lake City, 1849-1850
by Brigham Madsen

Gold Rush Steamers Of The Pacific :-
by Earnest Wiltser

Gold Rush Women :-
by Claire Murphy

Gold Rush! :-
by Barry Gough

Gold Seeker, Adventures Of A Belgian Argonaut :- During The Gold Rush Years
by Jean-Nicolas Perlot

Gold-Rush Phoebe :-
by Kathleen Karr

Golden Nuggets :- Roadhouse Portraits Along The Cariboo's Gold Rush Trail
by Bertrand Patenaude

Goldfield :- The Last Gold Rush On The Western Frontier
by Sally Zanjani

Justice Stephen Field :- Shaping Liberty From The Gold Rush To The Gilded Age
by Paul Kens

Last Gold Rush :-

Life During The Gold Rush :-
by Victoria Sherrow

Lotta Crabtree Gold Rush Girl :-
by M Place

Marcy & The Gold Seekers :- The Journal Of Captain Marcy With An Account Of The Gold Rush Over The Southern Route
by Grant Foreman

Nelson Point :- Portrait Of A Northern Gold Rush Town
by David Matuszak

North For Gold :- The Red Lake Gold Rush Of 1926
by Ruth Russell

Nuggets From Forty-Nine :- An Account Of Pike County Men In The Gold Rush
by Owen Hannant

Pike's Peak Gold Rush :- Guidebooks Of 1859
by Le Roy Hafen

Precious Dust :- The Saga Of The Western Gold Rushes
by Paula Marks

Rush For Gold :-
by Beals

The Buckeye Rovers In The Gold Rush :- An Edition Of Two Diaries
by H Scamehorn

The Gold Rush :-
by Liza Ketchum

The Gold Rush Overland :- Journal Of Edward Harrow
by Edward Harrow

The Gold Rushes :-
by W Morrell

The Golden Years :- Of Rushworth & Whroo
by Joyce Hammond

The Great Pikes Peak Gold Rush :-
by Robert Brown

The Real Joaquin Murieta :- Robin Hood Hero Or Gold Rush Gangster?
by Remi Nadeau

Valdez Gold Rush :- Trails Of 1898-99
by Jim Lethcoe

Women Of The Gold Rush :- The New Penelope' & Other Stories
by Frances Victor


The Red & The Gold :- An Informal Account Of The Waihi Strike, 1912
by Stanley Roche

Black Gold :-
by Fred Bean

Black Gold :-
by Billie Cook

Black Gold :- The Mystique Of Wildcatting
by B Heckmann

Black Gold :-
by Iris Gower

Black Gold :- The Story Of Oil
by William Butterworth

Black Gold :- Patterns In The Development Of Wyoming's Oil Industry
by Mike Mackey

Black Gold :-
by Marguerite Henry

Black Gold :-
by Anita Bunkley

Black Gold & Gas Speculation :- An Insider Looks At The Risks, Tax Breaks & Profit Opportunities
by Peter Ronai

Black Gold & Holy War :- The Religious Secret Behind The Petrodollar
by Ishak Ibraham

Black Gold & Red Lights :-
by Jerry Sinise

Black Gold - Black Diamonds :- The Pennsylvania Railroad & Dieselization
by Eric Hirsimaki

BlackDiamonds! Black Gold! :- The Saga Of Texas Pacific Coal & Oil Company
by Don Woodard

Fool's Gold :- The Story Of North Sea Oil
by Christopher Harvie

Kuwait's Liquid Gold :- The New Zealand Connection
by Alan Lambourn

Liquid Gold Ships :- A History Of The Tanker, 1859-1984
by Mike Ratcliffe

Oil - The Devil's Gold :-
by Leo Drollas

Oil, God & Gold :- The Story Of Aramco & The Saudi Kings
by Anthony Brown

Quest For Black Gold :-
by Robinson

The Black Gold Of Malaverde :-
by Richard Graves

They Call Me Black Gold :-
by Joe Amoaku

What Gold Investors Need To Know :- About The Collapse Of The Oil Cartel
by Ibrahim Oweiss

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