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A Buckeye In The Land Of Gold :- The Letters & Journal Of William Bickham
by William Bickham

A Cast Of Hawks :- A Rowdy Tale Of Greed, Violence, Scandal & Corruption In The Early Days Of San Francisco
by Milton Gould

A Garland Of Green Gold :-
by Dorothy Morris

A Ring Of Gold :-
by Jean Barrett

A Story Of Gold Hill :- Seventy-Odd Years In The Heart Of The Rockies
by Mabel Mongomery

A Streak Of Gold :-
by Daphne Clair

A Web Of Gold :-
by Elaine Aitken

Alan Garner's Fairy Tales Of Gold :-
by Alan Garner

Albrick's Gold :-
by Simon LeVay

Alien Gold :-
by Leo Kelley

All That Glitters :- Class, Conflict & Community In Cripple Creek
by Elizabeth Jameson

Amber On The Line :-
by Emily Marshall

Amy's Gold :-
by Robert Burgess

Apache Gold :-
by J Roberts

Apache Gold :-
by Stack Sutton

Apache Gold :-
by Jon Sharpe

Ashes For Gold :- A Tale From Mexico
by Katherine Maitland

Asterix & The Black Gold :-
by R Goscinny

Ayacucho, Goodbye :- Moscow's Gold - Two Novellas On Peruvian Politics & Violence
by Julio Ortega

Aztec Gold :-
by Chet Cunningham

Aztec Gold :-
by Jon Sharpe

Bad Luck Gold :-
by Janet Greene

Bandit Gold :-
by Jake Logan

Bandit Gold :-
by J Roberts

Bands Of Gold :-
by Angela Benson

Beacon Of Gold :-
by Helga Moray

Black Wallstreet Children's Storybook :- A Black City Made Of Gold
by Latressia Wallace

Blackfeet Tales Of Glacier National Park :- And, The Gold Cache
by James Schultz

Blame It On Chelsea :-
by Emily Marshall

Blood & Gold :-
by Todhunter Ballard

Blood & Gold :-
by Jon Sharpe

Bloody Gold :-
by Chet Cunningham

Bloody Gold :-
by Jess Cody

Box Girl, A New Leaf :- A Nugget Of Gold, The Set-Up, The Secret Solution
by Margaret Scariano

Braddock's Gold :- A Story Of Adventure
by Samuel Shingleton

Bret Harte's Gold Rush :- Outcasts Of Poker Flat, The Luck Of Roaring Camp, Tennessee's Partner & Other Favorites
by Bret Harte

Buckskin Double :- Gold Town Gal - Morgan's Squaw
by Kit Dalton

Bullion Brinks Mat :- The Story Of Britains Biggest Gold Robbery
by Andrew Hogg

California Gold :-
by John Jakes

Call Of The Wild :- A Casebook With Text Background Sources, Reviews, Critical Essays & Bibliography
by Jack London

Call Of The Wild :- White Fang - The Sea-Wolf - Klondike & Other Stories
by Jack London

Canyon O'Grady :- #23 - Louisana Gold Race
by Jon Sharpe

Carrie's Gold :-
by Cheryl Zach

Catspaw :- The Famed Trial Attorney's Heroic Defense Of A Man Unjustly Accused
by Louis Nizer

Cheyenne Gold :-
by Max Brand

China Gold :-
by John Tarrant

Chinook :- A North-Western Story
by Max Brand

Chumley's Gold :- A Western Duo
by Wayne Chumley

Cimarron & The Gunhawk's Gold :-
by Leo Kelley

Cinnabar :-
by Lee Roddy

City Of Gold :-
by Susan Hilliard

City Of Gold :-
by John Nephew

City Of Gold :-
by Pierre Berton

Coronado's Golden Quest :-
by Barbara Weisberg

Coronado's Golden Quest :-
by Mike Eagle

Cross Of Gold :-
by Lauretta Ngcobo

Dame Shirley & The Gold Rush :-
by James Rawls

Dame Shirley & The Gold Rush :-
by John Holder

Danger At Anchor Mine :-
by Louise Foley

Dangerous - Savannah's Story :-
by Jude Watson

Daniel Boone :-
by Reuben Thwaites

Daughter Of Gold :-
by J Roberts

Daughter Of Joy :- A Novel Of Gold Rush California
by JoAnn Levy

Dead Man's Gold :-
by Cameron Judd

Deadly Gold :-
by J Roberts

Death Valley To Yosemite :- Frontier Mining Camps & Ghost Towns - The Men, The Women, Their Mines & Stories
by Mary Dedecker

Denver Gold :-
by Jake Logan

Desert Gold :-
by Zane Grey

Designation Gold :-
by Richard Marcinko

Devil's Gold :-
by Jess Docy

Devil's Gold :-
by Jess Cody

Die Of Gold :-
by Chet Cunningham

Die Of Gold :-
by Jess Cody

Dreams Of Gold :-
by Lewis Orde

Dreams Of Gold :-
by Lynn Kirby

Dreams Of Gold :-
by Elaine Schulte

Duel At Gold Buttes :-
by William Jeffrey

Dutchman's Gold :-
by Albert Harding

Dying For Gold :- The True Story Of The Giant Mine Murders
by Lee Selleck

Ebon & Gold :-
by C M

Echoes Of The Past :-
by John Bidwell

Elizabeth Gail :- & The Secret Of The Gold Charm
by Hilda Stahl

Ellie's Gold :-
by Launi Anderson

Eric Liddell :- Something Greater Than Gold
by Janet Benge

Everyone Gets Gold Stars But Me! :-
by Charles Schulz

Fairy-Gold :- A Book Of Classic English Fairy Tales
by Ernest Rhys

Fetters Of Gold :-
by Jane Donnelly

Fields Of Gold :-
by Lisa Samson

Finding Gold :-
by Tammy Hilz

Fire & Gold :-
by Charles Fracchia

Fish Of Gold :- & Other Finnish Folk Tales
by Inkeri Vaananen-Jensen

Five Gold Rings :-
by Philippa Wiat

Fool's Gold :-
by Lynn Erickson

Fool's Gold :-
by April Harbringer

Fool's Gold :-
by William James

Fool's Gold :-
by Warren Murphy

Fool's Gold :-
by S Ballard

For Gold & Blood :-
by Tana Reiff

Forty-Niners :-
by William Johnson

Four Comedies :- The Braggart Soldier, The Brothers Menaechmus, The Haunted House, The Pot Of Gold
by Titus Plautus

Fuel's Gold :-
by Steve Jackson

Fyngal's Gold :-
by Tex Larrigan

Gambler's Gold :-
by Barbara Keller

Gambler's Gold :-
by Doreen Roberts

Giants On The Hill :-
by Lee Roddy

Gleam Of Gold :-
by Tessa Barclay

Glitter Of Gold :-
by Kent Conwell

Go For The Gold! :-
by Diana Gallagher

God's Gold :- The Story Of Rockefeller & His Times
by John Flynn

Going For The Gold :-
by Melissa Lowell

Going For The Gold :- Hakeem Olajuwon
by Jane Marshall

Going Got The Gold :-
by Melissa Lowell

Gold :-
by Glen Guy

Gold & Glitter :-
by Gina Wilkins

Gold & Glory :-
by Tim Beach

Gold & Grass :- The Black Hills Story
by Paul Friggens

Gold & Lead :-
by Clint Hawkins

Gold - A Triple Champions Story :-
by Michelle Smith

Gold - The Final Science Fiction Collection :-
by Isaac Asimov

Gold Bug & Other Tales :-

Gold By The Inch :-
by Lawrence Chua

Gold Digger :-
by Arlene James

Gold Diggers :- The Secret Of Bear Mountain
by Lisa Rojany

Gold Dragon :-
by Robert Cain

Gold Dust & Gunsmoke :- Tales Of Gold Rush Outlaws, Gunfighters, Lawmen & Vigilantes
by John Boessenecker

Gold Fever :-
by Clay Tanner

Gold Fever :-
by L Francis

Gold Fever :-
by Jon Sharpe

Gold Fever :-
by Ann Pope

Gold Fever :-
by A Lake

Gold Fever :-
by Jack Logan

Gold Flakes For Breakfast :-
by Paul Buchanan

Gold From Crete :- Ten Stories
by Cecil Forester

Gold From Crete :- Short Stories
by Cecil Forester

Gold Hunters Of The North :-
by Jack London

Gold In The Stone :-
by Diana Holdsworth

Gold Ledge Gold Diggers :-
by Dirk Fletcher

Gold Medal Horse :-
by Bonnie Bryant

Gold Medal Murder :-
by J Jenkins

Gold Mine Madness :-
by Jon Sharpe

Gold Miners Of The Wild West :-
by Jeff Savage

Gold Of Ancient Gods :-
by Eileen Collins

Gold Of The Gods :- & Other Fascinating Tales Of Old Mexico
by Glen Wright

Gold Of The Padres :-
by Wes Yancey

Gold Rage :-
by David Thompson

Gold Ring Of Revenge :-
by Lilian Peake

Gold Round The Edges :-
by Louise James

Gold Rush Fever! :-
by Diana Gallagher

Gold Rush Prodigal :-
by Brock Thoene

Gold Shaft :-
by Jory Sherman

Gold Strike :-
by Peter McCurtin

Gold Town :-
by Clay Dawson

Gold Town Gal :-
by Kit Dalton

Gold Town To Ghost Town :- The Story Of Silver City, Idaho
by Julia Welch

Gold Train :-
by Jess Cody

Gold Train Tramp :-
by Dirk Fletcher

Gold Under The Furze :- Studies In Folk Tradition

Gold Unicorn :-
by Tanith Lee

Gold Wagon :-
by Chet Cunningham

Gold Wagon :-
by Jess Cody

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh :-
by Slobodan Novak

Gold, Guns & The Girl :-
by Marshall Grover

Gold-Star Homework :-
by Lyn Calder

Goldtown :- A Novel Of The American West
by Rita Cleary

Grand Canyon Gold :-
by J Roberts

Great Tales Of The Gold Rush :-
by Ted Stone

Greed At Gold River :-
by Lauran Paine

Greed, Guns & Gold :-
by Edward Packard

Gunman's Gold :-
by Max Brand

Guns & Gold :-
by Clay Dawson

Gunsmoke & Gold :-
by William Johnstone

Guy Rivers :- A Tale Of Georgia
by William Simms

Guyana Gold :- The Story Of Wesley Baird, Guyana's Greatest Miner
by Wesley Baird

Hardrock Gold :- A Miner's Tale
by Tom Morrison

Hardy Boys Starter Set :- Tower Treasure - House On The Cliff - Secret Of The Old Mill - Missing Chums - Shore Road Mystery - Hunting Hidden Gold
by Franklin Dixon

Hawk - Sierra Gold :-
by William Brady

Heart Of Gold :-
by Tami Hoag

Heart Of Gold :-
by Sondra Stanford

Hearts Of Gold :- The Great American Novel & Not A Word In It-No Music, Too
by Milt Gross

Hearts Of Gold :-
by James Magorian

Herne The Hunter :- Death In Gold
by John McLaglen

Hidden Gold :- A Western Story
by Steve Frazee

Hills Of Gold :-
by Ronald Kidd

Hornpipe's Hunt For Pirate Gold :-
by Marjorie Newman

How To Spin Gold :- A Woman's Tale
by Elizabeth Cunningham

Hunting For Hidden Gold :-
by Franklin Dixon

Icon Of Gold :-
by Teresa Crane

If Teacups Could Talk :- & Gold Teacup Spoon
by Emilie Barnes

In Quest Of Gold :- The Jim Ryun Story
by Jim Ryun

In Search Of Gold :- The Story Of A Liberal Life
by John Wheelock

In The Realms Of Gold :- The Story Of The Carnegie Medal
by Keith Barker

Inca Gold :-
by Jim Beckett

Incas - Lords Of Gold & Glory :-
by Dale Brown

Indian Gold :- A Triangle Club Adventure
by Steven Givens

Indiana Jones :- & The Gold Of Genghis Kahn
by Ellen Weiss

Jack London :-
by Jack London

Jack London :- The Call Of The Wild, White Fang, The Sea-wolf, 40 Short Stories
by Jack London

Jessica Goes For The Gold :-
by Francine Pascal

Jim Steel :- Aztec Gold
by Jess Cody

Jungle Gold :-
by Sandy Dengler

Killer's Gold :-
by J Roberts

King Midas & His Gold :-
by Pat McKissack

Land Of Gold :-
by Mary Ann Hammond

Lass Of Silver, Lad Of Gold :-
by Catherine Darby

Lassiter Gold :-
by Loren Grey

Ledge Of Gold :-
by Flora Hazzard

Legends Of Texas :- Pirates' Gold & Other Tales
by J Dobie

Life Of A Miner :-
by Bobbie Kalman

Like Pure Gold :- The Story Of Louis Gregory
by Anne Breneman

Lone Star & The California Gold :-
by Wesley Ellis

Lone Star & The Gold Mine :-
by Wesley Ellis

Lone Star & The Gold Mine War :-
by Wesley Ellis

Lone Star & The Gold Raiders :-
by Wesley Ellis

Lone Star & The Indian Gold :-
by Wesley Ellis

Lone Star & The Lost Gold Mine :-
by Wesley Ellis

Lone Star & The Mountain Of Gold :-
by Wesley Ellis

Lone Star & The Nevada Gold :-
by Wesley Ellis

Lone Wolf Of Drygulch Trail :- More Precious Than Gold
by Harry Drago

Longarm & Santa Anna's Gold :-
by Tabor Evans

Longarm & The Gold Hunters :-
by Tabor Evans

Love Like Gold :-
by Valerie Parv

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