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Americas Silver Coinage 1794-1891 :-
by Richard Doty

British Silver Coins Since 1816 :- With Engravers' Patterns & Proofs & Unofficial Pieces
by Peter Davies

Catalogue Of German Coins :- Gold, Silver & Minor Coins Since 1800, With Their Valuations
by Paul Arnold

Christopher Columbus Coin Act :- & Operation Desert Storm Congressional Silver Medal Act - Hearing Before The Subcommittee On Consumer Affairs & Coinage Of The Committee On Banking

Coin On Money, Trusts & Imperialism :-
by William Harvey

English Silver Coinage From 1649 :-
by P Rayner

English Silver Coinage From 1649 :-
by Rayner Seaby

Large Size Silver Coins Of The World :-
by John Davenport

Roman Silver Coins :- Tiberius To Commodus
by H Seaby

Roman Silver Coins :- The Republic To Augustus
by H Seaby

Silver Coin :-
by Andrea Kane

Silver Coinage Of Massachusetts :-
by Sydney Noe

Silver Coins Of North Italy :- South & Central France, Switzerland & South Germany - Catalogue Of Celtic Coins In The British Museum
by Ailen

Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars Of The United States :- A Complete Encyclopedia
by Q Bowers

Silver Sovereigns & Some Of Greater Value :- From Boadicea To Elizabeth II
by Nicolas Bentley

Spin A Silver Dollar :-
by A Hannum

The Comprehensive US Silver Dollar Encyclopedia :-
by John Highfill

The Metrology Of The Roman Silver Coinage :-
by David Walker

The Official Investors Guide :- Buying - Selling Silver Coins
by Marc Hudgeons

The Silver Coinage Of Crete :- A Metrological Note
by G MacDonald

The Silver Coinage Of The Phokians :-
by Roderick Williams

The Silver Coins - An Autobiography :-
by Eugene Tsai

The Silver Coins Of Medieval France :-
by James Roberts

The Ten Silver Coins :-
by Nick Butterworth

The United States Early Silver Dollars :- From 1794 To 1803
by M Bolender

The United States Early Silver Dollars :- From 1794 To 1803
by Jules Reiver

What Every Silver Dollar Buyer Should Know :-
by Steve Ivy

What's It Worth :- 1983 Investors Guide To Silver Bullion & Coins

World Silver Coin Value Guide :-
by Lorraine Durst

The J North Collection :- Edwardian Silver Coins, 1279-1351
by Jeffrey North


Balance The Budget Now & How :- The Silver Lining
by Tom Shellenberg

Between Silver & Guano :- Commercial Policy & The State In Post Independence Peru
by Paul Gootenberg

Living Without Silver :- The Monetary History Of Early Medieval North India
by John Deyell

Manipulation On Trial :- Economic Analysis & The Hunt Silver Case
by Jeffrey Williams

Russia's 'Age Of Silver' :- Precious Metal Production & Economic Growth In The Eighteenth Century
by Ian Blanchard

The Silver Pound & England's Monetary Policy :- Since The Restoration - Together With The History Of The Guinea
by S Horton

World Silver & Monetary History :- In The 16th & 17th Centuries
by Dennis Flynn


A Lesson From The Past :- The Silver Panic Of 1893
by Lawrence Reed

Building Your Fortune With Silver :-
by Robert Preston

Privatisation :- Fair Shares For All Or Selling The Family Silver?
by John Rentoul

Silver - How & Where To Buy & Hold It :-
by Franz Pick

Silver Bonanza :- How To Profit From The Coming Bull Market In Silver
by James Blanchard

Silver For Pleasure & Investment :-
by Geoffrey Wills

Silver Investments - Volatility :-
by M Odell

Silver Linings :- Selling To The Expanding Mature Market
by Herschell Lewis

Silver Profits In The 80's :-
by Jerome Smith

Texas Rich :- The Hunt Dynasty From The Early Oil Days Through The Silver Crash
by III Hurt

The Complete Investor's Guide :- To Silver Dollar Investing
by Dick Reed

The Hard Money Book :- Fighting Inflation Through Investment In Stable Currencies, Gold, Silver & Precious Stones
by Steven Beckner

The Investor's Encyclopedia :- Of Gold, Silver & Other Precious Metals - How To Invest Successfully In All Forms Of Precious Metals
by Robert Persons

The Investor's Guide To U.S. Silver Stocks :-
by James Ryan

The Motley Fool's Investing Without A Silver Spoon :- How Anyone Can Build Wealth Through Direct Investing
by Jeff Fischer

The New Case For Silver :-
by Daniel Rosenthal

The Silver Key :- A Scientific Guide To Speculation
by Sepharial

The Silver Key :- A Guide To Speculators
by Sepharial

The Silver Mania :- An Expose Of The Causes Of High Price Volatility Of Silver
by W Streeter

The Silver Prescription :- The Eight-Step Action Plan For Entrepreneurial Success
by A Silver

The Sun, The Moon & Silver Market :- Secrets Of A Silver Trader
by Raymond Merriman

Trading In Silver :- How To Make High Profits In The World Silver Market
by Paul Sarnoff

Trading Silver - Profitably :-
by Dennis Turner


Colonial Massachusetts Silversmiths & Jewelers :- A Biographical Dictionary
by Helen Cooper

Coppercraft & Silver Made At Home :-
by Karl Kramer

Creating Silver Jewelry With Beads :-
by Anne Kallem

Indian Silver :- Navajo & Pueblo Jewelers
by Margery Bedinger

Indian Silver Jewelry :- Of The Southwest, 1868-1930
by Larry Frank

Jewelers' Inventory Manual :-
by Richard Laffin

Jewelry, Watches & Silverware :- Bracelets, Studs, Toothpicks, Paper Cutters, Earrings, Thimbles, Charms, Chains, Pins, Plush Boxes, Silver Plated Ware, Tortoise Combs, Hair Pins, Badges & Medals, Rings

Make Your Own Rings & Other Things :- Working With Silver
by Elsie Ginnett

Making Silver Jewellery :-
by Peter Bagley

Making Wire Jewelry :- 60 Easy Projects In Silver, Copper & Brass
by Helen Clegg

Mexican Silver :- 20th Century Handwrought Jewelry & Metalwork
by Penny Morrill

Navajo Jewelry :- A Legacy Of Silver & Stone
by Lois Jacka

Old Silver Jewellery Of The Turkoman :- An Essay On Symbols In The Culture Of Inner Asian Nomads
by Dieter Schletzer

Practical Silver-Smithing & Jewelry :-
by Keith Smith

Silver Jewelry Designs :- Evaluating Quality - Good, Better, Best
by Nancy Schiffer

Silver Jewelry Of Oman :-
by Jehan Rajab

Skystone & Silver :- The Collector's Book Of Southwest Indian Jewelry
by Carl Rosnek


As Silver Refined :-
by Kay Arthur

Metal Working In Borneo :- Essays On Iron & Silver Working In Sarawak
by Jan Christie

Scottish Gold & Silver Work :-
by Ian Finlay

Silver - Economics, Metallurgy & Use :-
by Allison Butts

Silver Point :- The Ancient Art Of Drawing In Solid Silver & How To Add Color To It
by Patricia Carter

Silver Recovery Techniques :-

Silver Recycling :- A Correspondence Course
by Recycling Research Division Staff

Silver, An Instructional Guide :- To The Silversmith's Art
by Ruel Redinger

Silversmithing :-
by William Seitz

Silversmiths Manual :-
by Bernard Cuzner

Silversmiths Of Birmingham :-
by Kenneth Jones

South Carolina Silversmiths :- 1690-1860
by E Burton

Tennessee Silversmiths :-
by Benjamin Caldwell


A Silver Saga Viking Treasure :- From The Northwest
by Fiona Philpott

Gold & Silver, Silver & Gold :- Tales Of Hidden Treasure
by Alvin Schwartz

Kunuz - Islamic Silver Treasures :-
by Saad Al-Jadir

Mountain Treasures :-
by Barker

Potosi - Colonial Treasures :- & The Bolivian City Of Silver
by Pedro Querejazu

Silver From Early Byzantium :- The Kaper Koraon & Related Treasures
by Marlia Mango

Silver Jewelry Treasures :-
by Nancy Schiffer

Swift's Silver Mines & Related Appalachain Treasures :-
by Michael Steely

The Benevent Treasure :-
by Patricia Wentworth

The Capture Of The Treasure Fleet :- The Story Of Piet Heyn
by Robert Marx

The Lost Treasure Of The Concepcion :- The Story Of One Of The World's Greatest Treasure Finds & Burt Webber, The Man Who Never Gave Up
by John Grissim

The Silver Treasure :- Myths & Legends Of The World
by Geraldine McCaughrean

Treasures Of Silver :-
by C Norwalk

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