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200 Trails To Gold :- A Guide To Promising Old Mines & Hidden Lodes Throughout The West
by Samuel Jackson

A Chinaman's Chance :- The Chinese On The Rocky Mountain Mining Frontier
by Liping Zhu

A Fool's Gold? :- William Tipple Smith's Challenge To The Hargraves Myth
by Lynette Silver

A Mine To Make A Mine :- Financing The Colorado Mining Industry, 1859-1902
by Joseph King

A Survey Of The Placer Mining Industry :- Of British Columbia
by E Faulkner

Alphabetical Index To The 1954 List :- Of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases Which Have Produced Gold
by Peter Bridge

An Overview Of The Placer Mining Industry :- In Atlin Mining Division, 1978 To 1982

Ancestral Rain Forests :- & The Mountain Of Gold - Indigenous Peoples & Mining In New Guinea
by David Hyndman

Black, White & Gold :- Gold Mining In Papua New Guinea, 1878-1930
by Hank Nelson

Built On Gold :- Recollections Of Western Mining
by G Clark

Case For South African Gold Mining Stocks :-
by Daniel Rosenthal

Chibaro - African Mine Labour :- In Southern Rhodesia, 1900-1933
by Charles van Onselen

Cities Of Gold :- History Of The Victor-Cripple Creek Mining District
by Brian Levine

Dangerous Truth :- Interethnic Competition In A Northeastern Ontario Goldmining Center
by Peter Vasiliadis

Deep Enough :- A Working Stiff In The Western Mine Camps
by Frank Crampton

Economic Imperialism In Theory & Practice :- The Case Of South African Gold Mining Finance, 1886-1914
by Robert Kubicek

El Dorado In West Africa :- The Gold Mining Frontier, African Labor & Colonial Capitalism In The Gold Coast, 1875-1900
by Raymond Dumett

El Dorado Of The Ovens Goldfields :- A History Of 100 Years Of Goldmining With Goldmining Biographies
by Dudley Sheppard

Environmental Considerations :- Of Active & Abandoned Mine Lands - Lessons From Summitville, Colorado
by Trude King

Exploring & Mining Gems & Gold :- In The West
by Fred Rynerson

Fortunes In The Ground :- Cobalt, Porcupine & Kirkland Lake
by Michael Barnes

Geology & Mining History :- Of The Arltunga Goldfield, 1887-1985
by A Mackie

Gilpin County Gold :- Peter McFarlane, 1848-1929 Mining Entrepreneur In Central Colorado
by William Axford

Gold Camp Desperadoes :- A Study Of Violence, Crime & Punishment On The Mining Frontier
by R Mather

Gold In Them Hills :- The Story Of The West's Last Wild Mining Days
by Carl Glasscock

Gold Mine :-
by Wilbur Smith

Gold Mine :- 6-Audio Cassettes
by Roy Marsden

Gold Mining For Recreation :-
by Harvey Neese

Gold Mining In Oregon :-
by Bert Webber

Gold Mining In The 1980's :-
by Dave McCracken

Gold Mining In The Nineteen Nineties :- The Complete Book Of Modern Gold Mining Procedure
by Dave McCracken

Gold Mining In Washington State :- Yesterday & Today
by Vida Martin

Gold Pan Mining Company & Shops :- Breckenridge, Colorado
by Maureen Nicholls

Gold Rushes & Mining Camps :- Of The Early American West
by Vardis Fisher

Gold Seekers :- A 200 Year History Of Mining In Washington
by Pauline Battien

Gold! & Where They Found It :- A Guide To Ghost Towns & Mining Camp Sites In The West, Southwest, Northwest, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, Tenne
by Cy Martin

Golden Cross Mining Project :- Environmental Impact Audit

Goldmining In Western Merioneth :-
by T Morrison

Government Gold Mines :-
by Ed Beckley

Grubstaking The Palouse :- Gold Mining In The Hoodoo Mountains Of North Idaho, 1860-1950
by Richard Waldbauer

Highgrade, The Mining Story :- Of National, Nevada
by Nancy Schreier

History Of Placer & Quartz Gold Mining :- In The Coeur D'Alene District
by Robert Smith

In Quest Of El Dorado :- Precious Metal Mining & The Modernization Of Honduras 1880-1900
by Kenneth Finney

Inside The Mountains :- A History Of Mining Around Central City, Colorado
by Terry Cox

Investment & The Return To Equity Capital :- In The South African Gold Mining Industry, 1887-1965
by S Frankel

Kambalda :- History Of A Mining Town
by J Gresham

Last Gold Rush :- A Pictorial History Of The Cripple Creek & Vector Gold Mining District
by Bill Grimstad

Licentious Liberty :- In A Brazilian Gold-Mining Region - Slavery, Gender & Social Control In Eighteenth-Century Sabara, Minas Gerais
by Kathleen Higgins

Long-Term Prospects For Gold Mining :- Proceedings
by Brian MacKenzie

Lost Gold & Silver Mines Of The Southwest :-
by Eugene Conrotto

Mercury From Gold & Silver Mining :- A Chemical Time Bomb?
by Luiz de Lacerda

Michigan Gold :- Mining In The Upper Peninsula
by Daniel Fountain

Migrant Labour In South Africa's Mining Economy :- The Struggle For The Gold Mines Labour Supply, 1890-1920
by Alan Jeeves

Miners & Millhands :- Work, Culture & Politics In Princely Mysore
by Janaki Nair

Mines Of The San Gabriels :-
by John Robinson

Mining Group Gold :- How To Cash In On The Collaborative Brain Power Of A Group
by Thomas Kayser

Mining History Of The Tumbarumba Gold Field :-
by J Willis

Pike's Peak :- A Mining Saga
by Frank Waters

Proceedings - Summitville Forum '95 :- A Forum Held In Conjunction With Tailings & Mine Waste

Ranching, Mining & The Human Impact :- Of Natural Resources Development
by Raymon Gold

Secure The Shadow :- Lachlan McLean, Colorado Mining Photographer
by Duane Smith

Selective, Open Pit :- Gold Mining Seminar

Simple Methods Of Mining Gold :-
by Terry Faulk

Six Months In The New Gold-Diggings :- Placer Gold Mining In Idaho Territory In 1863
by J Campbell

Small Scale Gold Mining :- Processing Techniques In Developing Countries
by Michael Priester

Small-Scale Gold Mining :- A Manual Based On Experience In Suriname
by E Dahlberg

Solution Mining :- Leaching & Fluid Recovery Of Materials
by Robert Bartlett

Southern African Migrant Labour Supplies :- In The Past, The Present & The Future, With Special Reference To The Gold-mining Industry
by C Stahl

Stake Your Claim :- How To Find Gold & Stake A Mining Claim
by Marks Silva

Stampede To Timberline :- The Ghost Towns & Mining Camps Of Colorado
by Muriel Wolle

Stories Of The Old West :- Tales Of The Mining Camp, Calvalry Troop & Cattle Ranch
by John Seelye

Structural Geology :- Of The Cariboo Gold Mining District, East-central British Columbia
by L Struik

The Automobile Gold Rushes :- & Depression Era Mining
by Charles Wallace

The Campus Gold Mine :- How Anyone Can Gain Fame, Fortune & Fun As A College Entrepreneur
by Jeffrey Hsu

The Conrey Placer Mining Company :- A Pioneer Gold-Dredging Enterprise In Montana, 1897-1922
by Clark Spence

The Economics For The Profitable Mining :- & Marketing Of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead & Zinc Ores
by Roger Carlson

The Gold Book, 1988 :- Starting & Mining Success In Business

The Gold Mines Of Merioneth :-
by George Hall

The Gold Mines Of Midian :-
by Richard Burton

The Golden Reefs :- An Account Of The Great Days Of Quartz-Mining At Reefton, Waiuta & The Lyell
by Darrell Latham

The Mineral Belt :- An Illustrated History, Featuring The Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad & The Gold-and-silver Mining Industry Of The Fabulous Mineral Belt Of Colorado
by David Digerness

The Mineralisation At Elandshoogte Gold Mine :- Eastern Transvaal, South Africa
by M Harley

The Mining Men :-
by Otis Young

The Next Bend In The River :- Gold Mining In Maine
by C Stevens

The Randlords :- The Exploits & Exploitations Of South Africa's Mining Magnates
by Geoffrey Wheatcroft

The Secret Gold Mine :-
by Stephen Mooser

This Was Mining :- In The West
by David Pearson

Time To Remember :- The History Of Gold Mining On The Tambo & Its Tributaries
by Keith Fairweather

Your Illustrated Guide :- To Foreclosure Gold Mining
by Ted Thomas

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