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A Lost Glitter :- Letters Between South Australia & The Western Australian Goldfields, 1895-1897

A Pictorial History :- Of The Victorian Goldfields
by James Flett

A Prospector's Guide To Gold In Australia :-
by Nance Perry

A Useless Young Man? :- An Autobiography Of Life In Australia, 1849-64
by George Blakers

Ballarat & Western Goldfields Sketchbook :-
by John Baechervaise

Bendigo & Eastern Goldfields Sketchbook :-
by Unk White

Bendigo - A History :-
by Frank Cusack

Bendigo's Mining History :- 1851-1954
by James Lerk

Black Sands :- A History Of The Mineral Sand Mining Industry In Eastern Australia
by I Morley

Braidwood Goldfields, 1850-1860's :- History Of Goldfields, Braidwood District

Colourful Tales :- Of The Western Australian Goldfields
by Norma King

Commission Into The Condition Of The Goldfields :- Of The Colony Of Victoria

Doctors & Diggers :- On The Mount Alexander Goldfields
by Keith Bowden

Dream Millions :- New Light On Lasseter's Lost Reef
by Fred Blakeley

Early Days On Bendigo :-
by F Clarke

Edward Hammond Hargraves Esq :- An Exuberant Biography Of The Discoverer' Of Payable Gold In Australia
by John King

Epithermal & Porphyry Style :- Gold Deposits In North Queensland

Experiences Of A Forty-Niner :- In Australia & New Zealand
by Charles Ferguson

From Green To Gold :- The First Fifty Years Of The Australian Ladies' Golf Union
by Phyllis Perry

Geology & Lode Controls :- Of The Charters Towers Goldfield, Northeastern Queensland
by S Peters

Geology & Mineralisation :- Of The Red Dome, Mungana, Gold Skarn Deposit, North Queensland, Australia

Geology Of The Mineral Deposits :- Of Australia & Papua New Guinea

Geology, Lode Descriptions & Mineralisation :- Of The Hodgkinson Goldfield, Northeastern Queensland
by S Peters

Ghosts & Gold In The Victorian High Country :- The Story Of Mining & Settlement In Victoria's Historic Alpine Areas
by R Christie

Gilt-Edged Women :- Women & Mining In Colonial Australia
by Katrina Alford

Gold & Paper, 1858-1982 :- A History Of The National Bank Of Australasia Ltd
by Geoffrey Blainey

Gold & Silver :- Photographs Of Australian Goldfields From The Holtermann Collection
by Bernard Holtermann

Gold & Silver :- An Album Of Hill End & Gulgong Photographs From The Holtermann Collection
by Bernard Holtermann

Gold & Water :- A History Of Sofala & The Turon Goldfield
by Matthew Higgins

Gold - The Australian Gold Rushes :-

Gold - Western Australia :-

Gold At Ballarat :- The Ballarat East Goldfield - Its Discovery & Development
by Henry Stacpoole

Gold Deposits Of Queensland :- BMR Datafile
by C Mock

Gold Deposits Of Western Australia :- BMR Datafile

Gold Diggers & Diggings :- A Photographic Study Of Gold In Australia, 1854-1920
by Derrick Stone

Gold Down Under :- The Story Of The Australian Gold Rush
by Marian Place

Gold For The Finding :- A Pictorial History Of Gippsland's Jordan Goldfield
by Owen Tomlin

Gold Seekers :-
by William Long

Gold, Iron & Steam :- The Industrial Archaeology Of The Palmer Goldfield
by Peter Bell

Goldrush Doctors At Ballaarat :-
by Keith Bowden

Greater Than Gold :- A History Of Agriculture In The Bendigo District From 1835-1985
by Colin Webb

Green Gold :- A History Of Donnybrook, 1842-1974
by Alan Frost

Gregory Ghostgum & The Gondiwilli Gold :-
by Andrea Galbraith

Gympie Gold :-
by Hector Holthouse

Hedges Gold Project :- Alcoa Of Australia Limited - Report & Recommendations Of The Environmental Protection Authority

Hidden Gold :- The Central Norseman Story - An Account Of Structural Geological Studies & Ore-search At Norseman, Western Australia
by J Campbell

Hill End Gold :-
by Malcolm Drinkwater

Historic Hill End :-
by Barbara Mullins

In A New World :- Or, Among The Goldfields Of Australia
by Horatio Alger

Inglewood Gold :- Gold Town Of Early Victoria, 1859-1982
by Allan Nixon

Joseph Davies :- Bendigo Hero
by Faye Guthrie

Kangaroo Flat :- A History, Goats, Gold & Peppercorns

Kimberley Scenes :- Sagas Of Australia's Last Frontier

Land, Labour & Gold :- Or, Two Years In Victoria With Visits To Sydney & Van Diemen's Land
by William Howitt

Lasseter's Dream Of Millions :- New Light On The Lost Gold Reef
by Fred Blakeley

Lassiter - Lust For Gold :-
by Jack Slade

Letters From Grenfell :- From A New South Wales Goldminer In The 1870s
by Thomas Cottome

Life After Gold :- Twentieth Century Ballarat
by Weston Bate

Life In Victoria :- Or, Victoria In 1853 & Victoria In 1858 - Showing The March Of Improvement Made By The Colony Within Those Periods, In Town & Country, Cities & The Diggings
by William Kelly

Life On The Australian Goldfields :-
by Derrick Stone

Like Pieces Of Gold :- A Story Of Women's Contributions To Water Services In South Australia

Maryborough, Victoria :- Goldfields History
by James Flett

Mates & Gold :- Reminiscences Of Early Westralian Goldfields, 1890-1896
by N Sligo

Melbourne After The Gold Rush :-
by Michael Cannon

Memoirs Of Gold-Digging In Australia :-
by Seweryn Korzelinski

Memories & Reflections Of A Pioneer :- Australia, 1875-1939
by Denis O'Callaghan

Mining History Of Gold Deposits :- Of The Far South Coast, New South Wales
by J Willis

More Old Gold Towns Of Victoria :-
by John Darbyshire

Mountain Gold :- A History Of The Baw Baw & Walhalla Country Of The Narracan Shire, Victoria
by John Adams

My Mountain Country Talbingo :- The Story Of Its History, The Aborigines, Hume & Hovell, The Kiandra Gold Rush, Early Settlers, Miles Franklin, Talbingo Pub & The Snowy Scheme
by Jack Bridle

Old Gold Towns Of New South Wales :-
by John Darbyshire

Old Gold Towns Of Queensland :-
by John Darbyshire

Old Gold Towns Of Victoria :-
by John Darbyshire

Old Mining Towns Of South Australia :-
by John Darbyshire

Old Pubs - Inns, Taverns :- & Grog Houses On The Victorian Gold Diggings
by James Flett

Our Founding Murdering Father :- Angus McMillan & The Kurnai Tribe Of Gippsland, 1839-1865
by P Gardner

Pacific Rim Congress 87 :- An International Congress On The Geology, Structure, Mineralisation & Economics Of The Pacific Rim, 26-29 August 1987, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Port Phillip Gentlemen :- & Good Society In Melbourne Before The Gold Rushes
by Paul de Serville

Regional Geology Of The Kalgoorlie-Boulder :- Gold-Mining District
by W Keats

Robbery Under Arms :- A Story Of Life & Adventure In The Bush & In The Goldfields Of Australia
by Rolf Boldrewood

Sea, Gold & Sugarcane :- Attraction vs Distance, Finns In Australia, 1851-1947
by Olavi Koivukangas

Second Eastern Goldfields :- Geological Field Conference - Kalgoorlie, 1-4 April, 1987

Short Cut To Gympie Gold :- Short Stories Of Tewantin & The Sunshine Coast
by D Bull

So I Headed West :- Ballarat To Broken Hill, To Kanowna, To Kalgoorlie
by W Manners

Sovereign Hill :-
by Brian Carroll

Spinifex & Sand :- A Narrative Of Five Years' Pioneering & Exploration In Western Australia
by David Carnegie

Structural Controls :- & The Role Of Fault Dynamics During The Formation Of Vein-hosted Gold Deposits In The Bendigo-Ballarat Zone Of The Lachlan Fold Belt

Supply-Side Shocks :- The Case Of Australian Gold
by Rodney Maddock

Tales Of The Whipstick :- A History Of The Whipstick, Neilborough, Sebastian, Raywood & Myers Creek Gold Rushes, Victoria, Australia
by William Perry

The Engineer, The Coast & The Ocean :- Second Australian Conference On Coastal & Ocean Engineering, Gold Coast, Queensland, April 27-May 1

The Fields :- The Kalgoorlie & Coolgardie Goldfields, 1892-1912
by Ian Templeman

The Gold & The Black :- The Rugby Battles For The Bledisloe Cup, New Zealand vs Australia, 1903-94
by Spiro Zavos

The Gold Mines Of Bendigo :-
by Arthur Palmer

The Gold-Finder Of Australia :- How He Went, How He Fared, How He Made His Fortune
by John Sherer

The Hill End Story :-
by Alfred Hodge

The History Of Gold Discovery :- In Victoria
by James Flett

The New Gold Mountain :- The Chinese In Australia, 1901-1921
by C Yong

The Perfect Metal :- The Gold Rush Period In Australia
by Richard Butler

The Roaring Nineties :- A Story Of The Goldfields Of Western Australia
by Katharine Prichard

The Victorian Gold Fields :- 1852-3 - An Original Album
by Samuel Gill

Two Fevers Gold & Typhoid :- A Social History Of Western Australia, 1891-1900
by Vera Whittington

Walhalla Heyday :-
by Gwynydd James

Western Australia :-
by J Campbell

Wimmera Gold :-
by Peter Corris

Women At Work In Australia :- From The Gold Rushes To World War II
by Raelene Frances

Woodline :- Five Years With The Woodcutters Of The Western Australian Goldfields
by Larry Hunter

Young America & Australian Gold :- Americans & The Gold Rush Of The 1850's
by E Potts

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