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Database Of Palladium Chemistry :- Reactions, Catalytic Cycles, & Chemical Parameters
by Jean-Luc Malleron

Handbook Of Palladium-Catalysed Organic Reactions :- Synthetic Aspects & Catalytic Cycles
by Jean-Luc Malleron

Organic Synthesis With Palladium Compounds :-
by Jiro Tsuji

Palladium Alloys :-
by E Savietiskiaei

Palladium Hydrogen System :-
by F Lewis

Palladium Reagents & Catalysts :- Innovations In Organic Synthesis
by Jiro Tsuji

Palladium Reagents In Organic Syntheses :-
by Richard Heck

The Organic Chemistry Of Palladium :-
by Peter Maitlis


Every Night At The London Palladium :-
by Patrick Pilton

Palladium:- Poems
by Alice Fulton

The Compendium Of Weapons Armour & Castles :-
by Matthew Balent

The Icon Of The Virgin Of Tikhvin :- A Study Of The Tikhvin Monastery Palladium In The Hodegetria Tradition
by Aune Jeaeaskinen

The Jury, Tool Of Kings :- Palladium Of Liberty
by Lloyd Moore

The Palladium Of Conscience :- Containing Furneaux's Letters To Blackstone

The Palladium Of Justice :- Origins Of Trial By Jury
by Leonard Levy


A History Of Platinum & Its Allied Metals :-
by Donald McDonald

Analytical Chemistry Of Platinum Metals :-

Availability Of Platinum & Platinum-Group Metals :-
by Catharine Fogg

Bradbury's Book Of Hallmarks, 1987 :- A Guide To Marks Of Origin On British & Irish Silver, Gold, Platinum & On Foreign Imported Silver & Gold
by Frederick Bradbury

Catalytic Hydrogenation Over Platinum Metals :-
by Paul Rylander

Chemistry Of The Platinum Group Metals :- Recent Developments
by Frank Hartley

Distribution & Behaviour Of Platinum :- In Soils Of The Tulameen Ultramafic Complex, Southern British Columbia
by S Cook

Gold & Platinum Coinage Of Imperial Russia :- From 1701 To 1911
by H Severin

Hallmarks & Date Letters On Silver, Gold & Platinum :-
by Eric Bruton

Natural Resources Genetic Diversity :- Platinum & The Platinium Group Metals
by Mark Coyne

Organic Syntheses With Noble Metal Catalysts :-
by Paul Rylander

Organometallic & Coordination Chemistry Of Platinum :-
by Umberto Belluco

Organometallic Compounds Of Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Copper, Silver & Gold :-
by R Cross

Petrology & Platinum-Group-Element :- Geochemistry Of Archaean Layered Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions, West Pilbara Block, Western Australia

Physical Metallurgy Of Platinum Metals :-

Platinum :- The Case For An Explosive Rise In Prices
by Daniel Rosenthal

Platinum :- The Metal That Could Make You Rich In The 90's
by James Ryan

Platinum & Palladium Printing :-
by Dick Arentz

Platinum Group Element Exploration :-
by Dennis Buchanan

Platinum Group Metals & Compounds :- A Symposium Sponsored By The Division Of Inorganic Chemistry

Platinum Group Metals, Ontario & The World :- Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium
by Thomas Mohide

Platinum-Group Elements :- Mineralogy, Geology, Recovery
by Louis Cabri

Platinum-Group Elements In Sedimentary Environments :- In The Conterminous United States
by Jocelyn Peterson

Platinum-Group Metals :- Atmospheric & Water Pollutants - Impact On Environmental Quality & Health

Platinum-Iridium Reforming Catalysts :- TPD Of Hydrogen, Selectivity & Activity In Heptane Conversion
by J Rasser

Recent Advances In The Analytical Chemistry Of The Noble Metals :-
by Fred Beamish

Recycling Of Automotive Catalysts :-

Review Of Platinum Group Element Deposits In Ontario :-

South Africa's Chrome, Manganese, Platinum & Vanadium :- Foreign Views Of The Mineral Dependancy Issue
by L Andor

The Chemistry Of Platinum & Palladium :- With Particular Reference To Complexes Of The Elements
by F Hartley

The Goldsmith's & Silversmith's Handbook :- A Practical Manual For All Workers In Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium
by William Staton-Bevan

The International Platinum Group Metals Trade :-
by William Black

The Platinum & Palladium Buyer's Guide :-
by Margaret Olsen

The Platinum Deposits & Mines Of South Africa :-
by Percy Wagner


Biochemical Mechanisms Of Platinum Anti-Tumour Drugs :-
by D McBrien

Platinum & Other Metal Coordination Compounds In Cancer Chemotherapy :-
by Stephen Howell

Platinum & Other Metal Coordination Compounds In Cancer Chemotherapy - Proceedings :-
by Marino Nicolini

Platinum & Other Metal Coordination Compounds In Cancer Chemotherapy 2 :-
by International Symposium on Platinum and Other Metal Coordination compo

Platinum Coordination Complexes In Cancer Chemotherapy :-
by Miles Douple

Platinum, Gold, & Other Metal Chemotherapeutic Agents :- Chemistry & Biochemistry
by Stephen Lippard

Platinum-Based Drugs In Cancer Therapy :-
by Lloyd Kelland

Progress In Clinical Biochemistry & Medicine :- Ruthenium & Other Non-Platinum Metal Complexes In Cancer Chemotherapy


Architectural Engineers Platinum Edition :-
by Robert Perry

Broadway Platinum :-

Cisplatin, Current Status & New Developments :-

Electronic Engineer's Solutions Suite :- The Platinum Edition

Electronics Engineers :- Platinum Edition
by Donald Christianson

Garth Brooks :- Platinum Cowboy
by Edward Morris

Geo-Platinum 87 :-
by H Prichard

Harrison's Platinum Edition :-
by Garrett Riggs

History & Practice Of Platinum Printing :-
by Luis Nadeau

Instruction Manual For The Platinum Printing Process :-
by T Shillea

Marks' Mechanical Engineers' Platinum Edition :-
by Eugene Avallone

Merritt's Civil Engineers' Platinum Edition :-
by Federick Merritt

Pain Grows A Platinum Rose :-
by George Martorano

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Platinum Edition :-
by Robert Perry

Platinum Age B S :-
by Fred Dobbs

Platinum Ass :-
by Anthony Storey

Platinum Blonde :-

Platinum Blues :-
by William Deverell

Platinum By Cartier :- Triumphs Of The Jewelers' Art
by Franco Cologni

Platinum Crime :-
by Marvin Wolf

Platinum Jag :- A Psycho-thriller
by Anthony Storey

Platinum Logic :-
by Tony Parsons

Platinum Print :-
by John Hafey

Platinum Rule :-
by Art Fettig

The Platinum Bullet :-
by Richard Graves

The Platinum Man :-
by Borden Deal

The Platinum Years :-
by Bob Willoughby

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