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Ancient Gold :- The Wealth Of The Thracians - Treasures From The Republic Of Bulgaria
by Ivan Marazov

Buried Treasures Of Texas :- Legends Of Outlaw Loot, Pirate Hoards, Buried Mines, Ingots In Lakes & Santa Anna's Pack-Train Gold
by W Jameson

Buried Treasures Of The American Southwest :- Legends Of Lost Mines, Hidden Payrolls & Spanish Gold
by Wendell Hall

Buried Treasures Of The Ozarks :- Legends Of Lost Gold, Hidden Silver & Forgotten Cashes
by W Jameson

Buried Treasures Of The Rocky Mountain West :- Legends Of Lost Mines, Train Robbery Gold, Caves Of Forgotten Riches & Indians' Buried Silver
by W Jameson

Canadian Treasure Trails :-

Civil War Gold & Other Lost Treasures :- On The Trail Of Various Grey Ghosts, Blue Bummers, Bushwhackers, Blockade-Runners, Jayhawkers, Mossbacks
by W Gaines

Colorado Gold :-
by Marian Wells

Colorado's Lost Gold Mines :- & Buried Treasure
by Caroline Bancroft

Copper, Gold & Treasure :-
by David Williams

Coronado's Children :- Tales Of Lost Mines & Buried Treasures Of The Southwest
by James Dobie

Cossack Gold :- The Secret Of The White Army Treasure
by Nicolas Svidine

Esperanza :- The World Famous Lost Dutchman Mine
by Don Shade

Gold & Jade From Costa Rica :- Treasures From The Pre-Columbian Era
by Hein Reedijk

Gold & Silver, Silver & Gold :- Tales Of Hidden Treasure
by Alvin Schwartz

Gold At Wolf's Crag? :- An Inquiry Into The Treasure Of Fast Castle
by Fred Douglas

Gold In The Blue Ridge :- The True Story Of The Beale Treasure
by P Innis

Gold In The Blue Ridge :- The True Story Of The Beale Treasure
by Pauline Innis

Gold Of The Thracian Horsemen :- Treasures From Bulgaria

Gold Shines Forever! :- The Discovery & Recovery Of The Spanish Treasure Ship Atocha
by Carole Marsh

Gold, Galleons & Archaeology :- A History Of The 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet & The True Story Of The Great Florida Treasure Find
by Robert Burgess

Guidebook To Lost Western Treasure :- The Search For Hidden Gold
by Robert Ferguson

Hidden Treasures :- The Sixty Billion Dollar Gold Mine
by Jim Wyatt

Jesuit Gold :- A Treasure Hunter's Guide To Tayopa
by Adrian Westwood

Lost & Found :- The 9,000 Treasures Of Troy - Heinrich Schliemann & The Gold That Got Away
by Caroline Moorehead

Lost Gold & Buried Treasure :- A Treasure Hunter's Guide To 100 Fortunes Waiting To Be Found
by Kevin Randle

Nias - Tribal Treasures :- Cosmic Reflections In Stone, Wood & Gold

Oklahoma Treasures & Treasure Tales :-
by Steve Wilson

Quest For The Dutchman's Gold :-

River Of Gold :- Precolumbian Treasures From Sitio Conte
by Pamela Hearne

Scythian Gold :- Treasures From Ancient Ukraine
by Esther Jacobson

Secret Treasures Of Russia :- One Thousand Years Of Gold & Silver For The State History Museum - Moscow

Senner's Gold :- Over 1000 Pounds Of Stolen Goldfield Ore Hidden In The Superstitions
by Helen Corbin

Stalin's Gold :- The Story Of HMS Edinburgh & Its Treasure
by Barrie Penrose

The Book Of Pirate Treasures :- Being A True History Of The Gold, Jewels & Plate Of Pirates
by Ralph Paine

The Final Voyage Of The Central America :- 1857 - The Saga Of A Gold Rush Steamship, The Tragedy Of Her Loss In A Hurricane & The Treasure Which Is
by Normand Klare

The Lutine Treasure :- The 150-year Search For Gold In The Wreck Of The Frigate Lutine
by S van der Molen

The Missing Nez Perce Gold :-
by Charles Garrett

The Search For Gold :-
by Nicola Barber

The Search For Prima's Gold :- The Extraordinary Story Of A Plundered Legend
by Klaus Goldmann

The Spanish Treasure Fleets :-
by Timothy Walton

The Treasure Galleons :- Clues To Millions In Sunken Gold & Silver
by Dave Horner

The Treasure Hunters Guide :- To Middle Tennessee & South Central Kentucky Antiques, Flea Markets & Junk Stores
by Maude Kiser

They Found Gold :- The Story Of Successful Treasure Hunts
by Hyatt Verrill

They Found Gold :- The Story Of Successful Treasure Hunts
by Alpheus Verrill

Treasure In The Stream :- The Story Of A Gold Rush Girl
by Dorothy Hoobler

Treasure Of The Unicorn Gold :-
by Metagaming

Treasures On The Danube :- Barbarian Invaders & Their Roman Inheritance
by Herwig Wolfram


Gold & Iron :- Bismarck Bleichr-Order & The Building Of The German Empire
by Fritz Stern

Gold Production & Prices :- Before & After The World War
by Lionel Edie

Hitler's Gold :- The Story Of Nazi War Loot
by Arthur Smith

Hitler's Silent Partners :- Swiss Banks, Nazi Gold & The Pursuit Of Justice
by Isabel Vincent

John Bullion's Empire :- Britain's Gold Problem & India Between The Wars
by G Balachandran

Nazi Gold :- The Story Of The World's Greatest Robbery & Its Aftermath
by Ian Sayer

Nazi Gold :- US & Allied Efforts To Recover & Restore Gold & Other Assets Stolen Or Hidden By Germany During World War II - Finding AIDS To Records
by Greg Bradsher

Nazi Gold :- The London Conference

Nazi Gold :- The Full Story Of The Fifty-Year Swiss-Nazi Conspiracy To Steal Billions From Europe's Jews
by Tom Bower

Nazi Gold :-
by Ian Sayer

Nazi Gold :- The Real Story Of How The World Plundered Jewish Treasures
by George Carpozi

Photographing The Second Gold Rush :- Dorothea Lange & The East Bay At War 1941-1945
by Charles Wollenberg

Pimpernel Gold :- How Norway Foiled The Nazis
by Dorothy Baden-Powell

Red On Gold :- The True Story Of One Woman's Courage & Will To Survive In War-Torn Vietnam
by Nam Phuong

Rommel's Gold :-
by Maggie Davis

Stalin's Gold :- The Salvage Mission Of The Century
by Barrie Penrose

The Gold Standard :- & Employment Policies Between The Wars
by Sidney Pollard

The Second Gold Rush :- Oakland & The East Bay In World War II
by Marilynn Johnson

The Swiss, The Gold & The Dead :- How Swiss Bankers Helped Finance The Nazi War Machine
by Jean Ziegler

The War Of Steel & Gold :- A Study Of The Armed Peace
by Henry Brailsford

US & Allied Efforts :- To Recover & Restore Gold & Other Assets Stolen Or Hidden By Germany During World War II
by William Slany

US & Allied Efforts To Recover :- & Restore Gold & Other Assets Stolen Or Hidden By Germany During World War II
by Stuart Eizenstat

US & Allied Wartime :- & Postwar Relations & Negotiations With Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Sweden & Turkey On Looted Gold & German External A
by William Slany

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