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A Gold Hunter's Experience :-
by Chalkley Hambleton

Advanced Dredging Techniques :- Professional Gold Dredgers Handbook B-310
by Dave McCracken

Arawata Bill :- The Story Of Legendary Gold Prospector William O'Leary
by Ian Dougherty

Dig Your Own Gold :-
by Ellen Genta

Digging For Gold In Your Own Back Yard :-

Diving & Digging For Gold :-
by Mary Hill

Diving & Dredging For Gold :-
by Dick Anderson

Diving For Gold :-
by Vaughn Greene

Dredging For Gold :-
by Bert Webber

Dry Washing For Gold :-
by James Klein

Electronic Prospecting :-
by Charles Garrett

Extraction Of Free Gold :- Virgin Placer Gold
by Al McGowen

Finding Gold In The Desert :-
by Otto Lynch

Gadag Gold, A Challenging Prospect :-
by L Curtis

Global Gold :- Panning For Profits In Foreign Markets
by Ruth Stanat

Gold & Silver Prospecting Books :- In Print
by Mary Ansari

Gold - Where & How To Find It Yourself :-
by William Bleifuss

Gold ABCs Of Panning :-
by Legaye

Gold Diggers & Silver Miners :-

Gold Dredger's Handbook :-
by Karl von Mueller

Gold Fever & The Art Of Panning :- & Sluicing
by De Lorenzo

Gold Hunter's Field Book :-
by Jay Ransom

Gold Is Where You Find It :-
by Helen Anderson

Gold Panner's Manual :- A Complete Guide For The Novice
by Garnet Basque

Gold Panning & Placering In Colorado :- How & Where
by Ben Parker

Gold Panning Equipment :- Build Your Own
by Mitchell Waite

Gold Panning For Profit :-
by Walter Robertson

Gold Panning In New Mexico :-
by Robert Wilson

Gold Panning Is Easy :-
by Roy Lagal

Gold Panning Methods & Equipment :-
by Mike Wilson

Gold Panning Quick Load :-
by Barbara Holesinsky

Gold Prospecting :-
by Derrick Stone

Gold Prospecting In Ohio :-
by David Gerrick

Gold Prospectors Handbook :-
by Jack Black

Gold Refining :-
by George Gajda

Gold Rocker Handbook :-
by Tron Miller

Gold Rush! :- The Young Prospector's Guide To Striking It Rich
by James Klein

Gold! - ABC's Of Panning :-
by E LeGaye

Gold! Gold! :- A Beginners' Handbook & Recreational Guide - How To Prospect For Gold
by Joseph Petralia

Gold! Gold! :- Beginners Handbook - How To Prospect For Gold
by J Petralia

Gold, Yours For The Digging :-
by Roy Mayo

Goldpanning Southwest BC & Vancouver Island :- A Prospectors Treasure Trail To Creeks Of Gold
by Jim Lewis

Greenhorn's Guide To Gold Panning :-
by Ron Slaughter

Greg Louganis :- Diving For Gold
by Joyce Milton

Guide To Gold Panning :-
by N Barlee

Hoffman's Rockhound Guide :- A Complete How-To-Do-It Guide On Equipment, Grit, Polish & Steps On Rock Hunting, Gold Panning, Tumbling Gems, Gem Iden
by Charles Hoffman

Hoffman's Rockhound Guide :- Includes How To Pan For Gold
by Charles Hoffman

How & Where To Find Gold :- Secrets Of The '49ers
by Verne Ballantyne

How & Where To Prospect For Gold :-
by Verne Ballantyne

How To Find Gold :-
by William Hawk

How To Prospect For Gold :- Silver, Gems
by Osborn H

How To Smelt Your Gold & Silver :-
by Hank Chapman

Hunting For Gold :-
by William Downie

Hunting For Hidden Gold :-

In Search Of Gold :- Rock Mining, Gold Panning, Treasure Hunting, Coin Beachcombing, Artifact Excavating
by Stephen Voynick

Lake Superior Gold :- An Amateur's Guide To Prospecting In The Lake Superior Region
by Jim Dwyer

Looking For Gold :- The Modern Prospector's Handbook
by Bradford Angier

Mountains Of Ore & Rivers Of Gold :- Stories Of A Contemporary Prospector
by M Kaufman

Not For Gold Alone :- The Memoirs Of A Prospector
by Franc Joubin

Pan For Gold On Your Next Vacation :- A Guide To Low-Cost, Unique Adventures
by Janet Ruhe-Schoen

Panners' Guide To Northwest Gold :-
by Bob Jackson

Panning Georgia's Gold :- The Gold-Panner's Guidebook
by W Otwell

Panning Georgias Gold :-
by William Otwell

Placer Gold :-
by Gregory Stone

Prospecting & Operating Small Gold Placers :-
by W Boericke

Prospecting For Gold :- From Dogtown To Virgina City, 1852-1864
by Granville Stuart

Prospecting For Lode Gold :-
by Gregory Stone

Recreation Gold Prospecting :- For Fun & Profit
by Gail Butler

Recreational Gold Prospecting :-
by Jim Martin

Reduction Of Gold & Silver Ore :-
by L Hodges

Ron O'Brien's Diving For Gold :-
by Ronald O'Brien

Summer Gold :- A Camper's Guide To Amateur Prospecting
by John Dwyer

The Gold Hunter's Handbook :-
by George Sullivan

The New Gold Panning Is Easy :-
by Roy Lagal

The Weekend Gold Miner :-

Up From South :- A Prospector In New Guinea, 1931-1937
by Jack O'Neill

Where To Find Gold :- In The Desert
by J Klein

You Can Find An Ounce Of Gold A Day :-
by Roy Legal

You Can Find Gold :- With A Metal Detector
by Charles Garrett

Zip Zip - Mastering Your Nugget Detector :-
by Larry Sallee

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